Thoughts about "prepaidcompare"

prepaidcompare is one of the first web sites I go to every morning

I find it amazing how Mr Bournique is able to be so on top of changing MVNOofferings/prices and quickly integrate them into his proprietary/ interactive table. If only more people were aware of this site and willing to spend some time to understand/navigate it ; can you imagine the millions of dollars ordinary cell phone users could save ?
And of course equally important are his news updates on MVNOs . And then there are his comprehensive timely "Deals" updates. Unfortunately, I can't look at it anymore because my wife threatened to leave me if I bring another cell phone into the house :worried: . And if you have a chance you should also look at his ‘Operator Profiles”: info about “Approx Number of Lines” can be very interesting and surprising.
And of course no adverting, and he doesn't even insert a cookie when you visit site.

Oh, and one last thought, if your looking for APN settings, there's no need to search the internet, there all there on prepaidcompare under "Operator Profiles".


Very cool to see on his 'deals' page that Visible is doing a swap deal.

Personally neither the TCL 30 LE nor the Orbic Joy appeal to me - and like the OP - I need another phone or line about as much as I need a toothache !!
(Free phones are always difficult to resist...of course.)

Great site - thank you Dennis.

Still miss prepaidphonenews


Thanks to all of you for the kind words. It makes me happy to hear that you find my site useful.