This target kiip ad is disgusting

No matter how carefully you try to tap that x mark for exit, it always direct you to load a new page, and after you close the newly loaded page, you still have to exit the ad, and it again loads that still page for you. What makes your blood boil is after fighting many times to exit the ad successfully, you find that it does not award any silvers. The fact that the x mark is very pale convey a definite signal, this ad is designed to keep you there and loading of that unintended page is part of the disgusting scheme rather than an pure incident. That ad developer can go f himself. For this reason I won't shop in target for school or office supplies.


It was crediting earlier today then stopped

Why don't you email Tom. I did on the freeze and helped get it fixed faster then if I just complained here

Not crediting by itself is already very bad. The fact that this ad makes exit so hard is pathetic. I just can't understand a store like target will have this kind of irritating ad to taint it's image. Well, remember a few years ago that it leaked the credit card database of it's patrons to hackers?

Email Tom

I have the same problem closing the full-screen Target ad. (The smaller inset-screen Target ads don't have the same problem.) On top of the difficulty finding the X, I sometimes end up with an overlay with some type of option for opting out of targeted ads, which is also nearly impossible to close and covers up the closing-X spot. In all honesty, it's easier for me to accept the failure to credit silver for this ad than it is to accept the waste of time trying to close it......
I'll drop a note to Tom, but I suspect that fixing the crediting has a better chance than fixing the ad layout problem.....