This SmartWatch Will Definitely Turn Heads

I hope the inventor of this watch does not accidentally wear it whilst showering. How does one get car keys from one's pocket while wearing this.?

Well, for a fan of such retro tech as Windows 98 ( I actually got rid of my Win 98 machine last year although I kept the system disk in case it is every needed), this may be a shock.

With modern cars, one does not need to get the key out of one's pocket to open or operate the vehicle. That does create a problem as I discovered recently if the passenger actually has the key and leaves the vehicle to pop into a store and you are "asked to move the vehicle" having stupidly turned off the engine.

The inventor is probably techno-wise enough to program his watch with the ability to open and start his car, therewith circumventing the need of a fob. But what could be done if the infamous blue screen of death appeared on his watch?

I assume such a farsighted thinker as the inventor has considered this and almost certainly has copy of Win 95 running on a watch on the other wrist.