This Site has Cookies, sorta

"It's National Cookie Day, and you know what that means? Free cookies! OK, some are "free with purchase," but let's not look a gift cookie in the mouth, shall we? Instead, let's put a gift cookie in the mouth."

Well, hopefully this list of places one can score a free cookie today is not exhaustive. We poor souls on the West coast are pretty much out of luck with scoring a cookie from "Great American Cookies", and other cookie sources throughout the US are far and few between. But if by happenstance one is near one of these cookie places, it's good to know a free cookie is at hand, or a buy one get one free offer is available. And it looks as if Hilton Hotels might be the best bet for finding a free cookie, and maybe they will throw in a free coffee.

Now that's one sweet deal! Enjoy a free cookie and save a little dough. :slight_smile: