Thinking of signing up for the free Sprint plan

But I can't bring myself to pay the taxes and fees, especially when Virgin mobile is costing just 8c a month.

Is anybody willing to use their cellnuvo gold to pay my Sprint bill?

I will offer 10c per gold.

With the caveat that if the gold doesn't process, then you pay the bill directly with $.

Any takers?

Cute !! (Funny too.)
How 'bout I cover that for you with the $80 in top-up from our old buddies at RP ??
(Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk !!)

I've got 86 cents worth of silver left in my CN account, which you can have for free since I don't like carrying loose change around. This should cover your tax for about 10 months and change, and don't ever say I didn't do anything for you.

You guys keep going after r+

And maybe he deserves it.

Yet for me your complaint's fall flat

Maybe I was the rare r+ user. I won a contest and so I got paid more then I topped up. So I made a salary to use free phone service for a year.

Not bad anyway you look at it.

Maybe if I paid for m+ I would be salty like you guys.

Maybe give it a rest?

I too got my money's worth with R+. I did not get the M+ either. If Sprint had not pulled the plug on Karl I would probably be using the smart dialer today. Until they shut down, the only complaint I had with R+ was the delay which was fixed with the mad plans.