They what?

They searched for the meaning of they so much and used they so much they gave it a new meaning.

OK, now...'so' ?!?

So, the article contrasts those who aren't fond of certain changes to a language with those who see change as inherent and inevitable in languages and welcome it. I suppose the question is whether or not a particular change to a language promotes better communication. It is often said the purpose of language is to communicate but given the numerous ways in which language is used to deceive and manipulate one another, it's difficult to grasp what communicating means. Btw-- I grew up with the semicolon and it seems to have gone poof.:unsure:

Hi Isamorph !!
I got that, thanks - what I meant was...and the changing usages of 'so' ??
Such a tiny word, but used in -so- very many capacities.
(And yes, I too use the semicolon; now I wonder if it simply goes unnoticed by many ??)