The "What happened at CellNUVO" speculation thread

I have two theories:

After the demise of R+, Karl Seelig took a minor job at CellNUVO where he was responsible for customer communication.

Theory 1

It was not long before he and Tom fell in love. Using his new found influence, Karl persuaded Tom that the best thing to do when there are service interruptions is to under communicate. After commencing a platform change, Karl and Tom are believed to have flown to Maui for some quality time together, taking advantage of the drop in prices after the school holidays. Whenever Tom wonders whether they are doing the right thing, Karl lovingly reassures him that everything will work out fine: "Would I ever, ever mislead you or anybody about anything related to mobile phone services?".

Theory 2

Karl repeatedly clashed with Tom over his hair brained ideas on how to generate advertising revenue through ringback tones. Tom demoted Karl to customer support agent for Alabama. Enraged, Karl used his technical knowledge to sabotage the platform change. All CellNUVO employees except Karl are now tasked with getting the platform fixed leaving Karl as the only customer support agent where, unbeknownst to everybody, he continues to wreak havoc through his inconsistent and unhelpful answers.

You just wanted to be post 10000!

After my genius move of getting in on the Virgin plan for $1 a year, as well as scoring an unlocked LG X charge for $2.14, I wanted to humbly mark post 10000 with a spectacular contribution.

In addition to offering congratulations on these many spectacular accomplishments (my Virgin Mobile data does not work and I have been unable to buy a phone from Xfinity :frowning: ), I wanted to extend an invitation to you to be a contestant on the new reality show "Only the Humble" that I announced in another thread.

Of course, the competition will be fierce. A fellow member has already claimed to be the most humble person in the world.

Did you port your iPhone there from CN?

If so, what were the steps to getting on the VM $1 plan?

Steps for the VM $1 plan are to get yourself a compatible iphone. Either buy one or have one of your own. Plug details into their byod checker including a number to port. If it passes you get to fill out your details to send you a sim. You can then activate for $1 a year - either with your own sim or wait for the free one they send. Some of us are having unknown issues with phones that should pass or pass the byod checker but won't activate on the $1 plan. We are probably in the minority though.

Off topic but I am not sure if there is a topic in this thread :wink:

No. I ported a freedompop number.

Thanks. I guess the key element in my question was about porting it out from CN? Did you do that?

I seeJTSR71 ported from FreedomPop

I don't think you can port out from CN since that is another Sprint MVNO.

Port to a non Sprint carrier and then to Virgin.


Did it pass the online checker at The Inner Circle page or did you have to do something else?

As I have read many have had a problem getting their existing numbers accepted because they are coming from a Sprint MVNO.

(opps, I see you just posted this as I was asking)


Yes the freedompop number passed the online checker. Lycamobile did as well.

The smoothest way (reading from slickdeals) is to get a t mobile sim and subscribe to the $3 a day plan.

When I commenced the port in to Virgin, it recognized my Lycamobile number as a T Mobile number. I suspect that if it were a T Mobile number, the port would have completed automatically. Because it was a Lycamobile number, I pulled out because I thought that there might be a communication issue between Virgin and Lycamobile.

I then proceeded with porting in a freedompop number. It didn't complete automatically but said to call if it wasn't done in 15 minutes.

I called the next day and they completed the port very quickly. The nice thing was that my freedompop account stayed open and I'm free to choose a new number there. That would be a nice feature / option with any port out. In the past, I've given up paygo balances when porting out.


Thank you for the details on the path to VM.

Looks like I should head over to SlickDeals and figure out the path from CN to VM Inner Circle

You should be aware that there is a lot of confusion about which iPhones qualify for the promotional $1/year and it is impossible to know a BYOD device will be eligible until you run the IMEI through the checker. That the Ting or Tello checker says does not count. That could be a real problem for anyone buying a used device for the promo.

I have been in touch with a few of the agents at Virgin Mobile and given conflicting answers about what works. One thing seems clear, if the IMEI does not pass the Virgin Mobile eligibility checker one cannot get the promo.

As to having a number to port, the easiest and cheapest way might be to sign up for a FreedomPop GSM sim. I simply used a number from there to do the port.

I've seen people get over bitter, horrible divorces faster than y'all have been able to get over the demise of RingPlus.

It was just a cellphone company.

It's time to move on or consider professional help in dealing with these deep seated feelings of betrayal.

Based on comments, here, and at Prepaid Phone News, it would seem that Ring Plus is still top of mind and ever present for many people. Many hours of every day are spent agonizing over what could have been. What should have been.

It's time to move on. You can do it. Go hug your family members and tell them you're back and it's a new beginning for everyone.

Be free!

Yes, if you already have a freedompop GSM sim (Global or LTE), then it's free to port and quick. And you get to keep your account open and choose a new number for free if that's what you want to do.

Don't order one though. They can take weeks to arrive by which time you may not be able to get in on the $1 deal.

"Boy Band" helps me to forget all the bad things that RingPlus had done to my wallet.

It's a pleasure to be associated with someone who has such discriminating taste. :wink:

Actually, I had a very good experience on RingPlus.

Apart from the occasional Sprint outage and the latency problem some of the time, I never had a single problem of any type nor did I ever have to contact contact Support.

I paid a very modest Top Up when I joined, did not chase upgrades and eventually ported to Ting just before the end because the Ting reps on Social were providing answers that were too vague in my view about the big migration.

That being said, I had doubts about the business model from the outset and certainly voiced them on Social.

For me it was a very good cell service and if it still existed I certainly would be there. My experience with Ting and other carriers after moving off RingPlus was actually more problematic. Right now I am having a problem with LTE on Virgin Mobile and am convinced it is at the account level but cannot get customer service to even consider that possibility.

The best experience I ever had on a carrier was the cheapest plan on PagePlus which I had for years and it worked excellently with virtually universal coverage on Verizon unlike the sparser coverage on Sprint.

There was some good tech with ringplus that would be useful if implemented at other mvnos.

For example the ability to set up fluidcall and have your number on wifi. Some cellnuvo users would have loved that this past two weeks.

There were some really geat features in the DashBoard as well.

I do not see a way to check on Virgin Mobile that the correct ICCID is associated with the IMEI and I suspect that is the reason the LTE is non working. Of course the sim might be defective but since I cannot do a device swap myself there is no way to test that. On RingPlus that was an easy thing to do and helped solve many unusual LTE problems.