The free plan is gone!

TextNow's free cellular calling plan was acting up a LOT for me. Wasn't receiving incoming calls without wifi. No incoming texts without wifi. Constantly had to "sign into network" Chameleon. Battery drain. Etc.

Frustrated, I canceled the plan, uninstalled the app, with the hope that a clean install would solve those problems.

Reinstalled the app, and found out that the free cellular calling plan is gone! Now they want everyone to buy a $9.99 activation kit. No more free activations through the app like before.

No way I'm going to give them 10 bucks for a "free" plan that has so many glitches!

Sign up with a different email

I uninstalled the TextNow app, then signed up with a different email. Problem is, the latest version of the app doesn't have the "activate nationwide cellular service" (or whatever that choice was). Went to their website and found out about the new $9.99 activation fee.

If my experience hadn't been so glitchy, maybe I'd have considered paying $9.99. Not now! No way!

Also not happy that one week after getting all that publicity and buzz for their totally free plan, they are now charging everyone $9.99 for activation.

Maybe they didn't release the phone. Try the meid in the tello checker to see what it has to say.

Just checked - Tello says "Awesome! Your phone wants to join Tello!" :frowning:

That is strange. I am about to sign up in about 30 mins so will let you know if they have removed in app activation. I saw it earlier today though so probably just a glitch with your glitchy phone :frowning: Sorry.

Another one not worth the bother IMO.

Just tried installing it on the phone I was using for the FU time waster - and it installs, opens, then says that the device is not certified or whatever...
Deleted it.

[strike]Couldn't get it to install on my phone either. Just kept saying there was no connection when there was and then said there was an error. Yeah I know.[/strike]

Okay got it to install and activated fine in app.

Oh crap! I have signed up yet... $9? No way! Why would I pay $9 to watch your ads?

But my ads are really really cool!

Hope that you enjoy them!