The False Economy of Long Ads

I usually do my swiping while watching TV.

If an ad is short (under 10 seconds) I usually don't take my eyes off the screen and can actually tell you what the ad was about, when it's over.

If an ad is 10-15 seconds I pay partial attention, while continuing to watch TV, and can at least tell you the name of the company that the ad was for.

If an ad is more than 15 seconds I just set the phone in my lap and get back to it when I think about it. It could be a minute, five minutes, or a half hour. I also have no idea, whatsoever, what the ad was about.

Companies might think they're being clever by creating 30 second ads that only credit a few points but for me, at least, it's completely wasted advertising.

Not only doesn't the advertiser get any benefit, but CellNUVO loses out on ad swiping that I might have otherwise done.

As the title of this thread states, there's a false economy in long ads.

I too ignore the long ads, most of them go to portrait mode and I don't even rotate the phone. We should get at least 1 silver per second of advertising.

Agreed! And considering the lag time before and after each ad as they process / credit, even if you swiped nonstop for a whole hour (and got nonstop ads, no swipes in vain as often happens) that would only amount to somewhere between 1800 and 2400 silver. Last I checked, $1.80 to $2.40 an hour is still lots less than any state's minimum wage, so that shouldn't "break the CN bank". (Then again, we're not employees, and hundreds of folks getting that $1.80 to $2.40 an hour might be more than they can afford. )

the ads that get my attention the most are the 15 silver ones in the box like maltesers, citibank, coastguard etc. The others that are fullscreen, flip to landscape or flash a lot I ignore.

Pbs kids has a nice 15 second 15 point ad. Just got a 30 second wayans sitcom show for 1 second. C'mon.

I get credited for every other ad now. Did all the troubleshooting. I dont know how much longer ill actively use CN as super silver promos are getting worse and worse.

I sometimes think for a moment that an ad hasn't credited, only to see it come through as an 'extra' credit some number of swipes/ads later.....but I have a feeling your eye for detail is better than mine, and that you wouldn't have missed it.

PSA: To be specific all lowes ads dont credit...

They do credit, just not until the next or the 3rd swipe. For example a 5 credit ad plays and you get nothing. Then you watch a Malteasers ad for 15 but it credits 20. (that's 15 for the candy ad and 5 for the one that 'didn't credit') I've seen this at least 50 times myself.

That's been my experience, too. Delayed gratification (aka silver), but only slighty delayed. :slight_smile: