The Eyes have it

One of the first things military recruits are taught and must obey is to keep their eyes straight ahead when standing at attention, and if the lesson is not learned quickly, one will suffer from the consequences. Similarly, new drivers are taught to keep their eyes focused straight ahead to avoid undesirable happenings, and if this rule is disobeyed, the consequences can be deadly. I suppose the big question is: why our emotional brains allow us to break this driving rule when we are cognizant of the tragic consequences that can ensue when deviating from this golden driving rule.

Yeah, gotta limit splits/branches of reality... haha

I see a different question as being foundational in this area, which is:
Why do rubber-tired, petroleum burning vehicles even still EXIST anymore after ~100 years of our brilliant species' inventiveness ??

Adding more gadgets to (what should be...) obsolete technology is merely a way to preserve the status quo.

OMG,. Who would not want a Mustang Shelby?

Muscle cars are classics.

Yes electric cars are the Future. All the more reason gasoline engines will be classic and very high priced.

Also remember much of today's electric is produced by Oil.

So then they just burn more oil for you to charge your futuristic car.

Oil?!? You mean to run your home backup generator to charge up your EV?

Interesting idea but no. I mean electric company's get their electric power from burning oil generators.

Not much in nuclear, wind, sea, solar ECT.

If you did not know that look it up.

Wind vs Petroleum

... and Renewable vs Petroleum

Lol. Interesting where is that from?

Very clever diversions here - very limited thinking in strong evidence as well.

When folks insist upon repeating the same choices in their thinking - the same results keep occurring - just as they have in keeping the status quo stagnant & static.

I ask:
Why petroleum ?? Why cars anymore at all ??

My query is at best ignored, at worst diverted - then arguing follows about existing, stagnant technology uses.

An example of different thinking:
Tesla made a power generating system (NO, NOT AC AS WE KNOW IT !!) and it never got used - why ??
No way to EASILY commercialize it.

Known for decades as being a terrific way to make electricity minus the horrid hazmat AND as a cure for disposing of the other radioactive hazmat already causing troubles.
But not used at all no matter how long ago it was revealed...and why ??
It defeats the weapons-centered approaches to existing fission processes.

Many, many, many commercial buildings have flat rooftops being used for nothing, mostly;
How about mandating that these (esp. gov't ones) be covered with solar panels ??

High rise buildings have great wind exposures at their tops and most also have flat roofs used mostly for chimney exits & cooling towers using under 50% of that area;
How about mandating that small, safety designed windmills be installed on those ??

Get rid of some of the too many cars by making some version of small balloons with gondolas that can be used residentially - such that when they collide at the low altitudes they are made for - they just go 'boink' rather than killing the passengers.

Silly ?? Perhaps.
Think of some better ideas yourself & make some fuss over them to help them take root rather than arguing the merits of this dinosaur vs. that one.

Gasoline powered vehicles also HAD some very fuel efficient possibilities BEFORE they were festooned with excessive electronics - such that yes - your ancient Shelby could have been made to get FAR better mileage without making such a heavy thing to be electric powered.
But of course those techniques have been buried as well...

(Now - ignore what I've added and hurry back to the prior arguing & diversions....)

According to the site looks like natural gas is highly used.

Hard to believe solar is more then petroleum.


... or even better... just don't tell Jeff Bezos, he might implement it in those Amazon warehouses.

Natural gas is needed for peaker plants due to intermittency of solar/wind. However, battery advancements have gotten to a point now that battery systems are replacing peaker plants!

First, newer plant.

then idea to replace Natural Gas plant with battery.

then reality.

And...silliness takes over !!!

Here's some more for the spectators to enjoy:

Or with lyrics:

Agreed, organic battery is even better. :slight_smile:

Have solar improved that much? It was not toooooo long ago that I read energy conversation was less then 10%

Thanks for the update.

This is why...

Those coal miners need to form a company specializing in installing solar and travel the USA.