The decaying value of a swipe

We used to have 30 points swipes, then 10 points, then 5 points, then 3 points, then 1 point with lots of 0 point. I don't feel good about it.

1 silver for a 30 seconds ad is not acceptable. Can't even cover the portion of electric bill for swipes.

Some people will say nobody is putting a gun on your head. It is free. Blah blah....

I do not agree with some of what you post.

This thread however is right on the mark.

You are correct. Tom mentioned new update will increase values per swipe.

Since you never contacted Tom before. I really suggest you email him. Your life story is compelling.

He will listen to your point of view. Better to come from someone whom never contacted him before.

Agreed. At the current rate, it would take a mighty long time to earn even one gold, let alone enough to cover any monthly obligations. Hope this is only a temporary phenomenon and not an omen of things to come.

Seems like regional differences. I've made 10 gold already this month with little effort with snickers, citibank, ebates, land rover and some other ads. Some dry spells but the ads return after a short break.

Of course we'd all like more consistency and higher paying ads.

Lots of big holidays coming up which usually bring more ads... Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Halloween, Christmas etc.

Hopefully things turn around for those struggling. It is not good for everyone if people are unhappy.

What state do u reside in?

I had time to swipe a little last night for the first time in several days-- and expected to see the dearth of ads that has been mentioned during that time. I saw plenty of ads, ranging from 2-15 silver. No annoying problems other than the surveys my phone won't load, and everything credited. I'm in the midwest. (But I only swiped for a short time......)

@mmfacemm, thanks for your reply. I'm pleased to report that the "ad drought" was indeed a short-lived phenomenon and I have been getting a good number of 15-pointers again. So, problem solved and thanks again.

It's been a good night, so far.

Four 100 point surveys, in a row, without having to do anything special (like resetting Google ID). Just plain swiping.

Then I won a 969 point pot.

Then I got lots of 15 point ads.

It's been adding up quickly, tonight!

I was 1 number away from that pot. Arrrrrrrrrrr

Well glad it was you, but should of been me

Chelle is now my mortal enemy.


[insert evil laugh]

My current gripe isn't the decaying value of a swipe, but the decaying value of a second......
A lot of the long video ads have a countdown timer. Some even identify 'seconds', and nearly all seem to count down seconds even if not notated as such.
But... a Empires & Puzzles video game ad (by Ad Choices) seems to use devalued seconds in the timer. I'm not sure what 20 'units' they're using to indicate countdown timing, but it regularly takes 60 seconds for those 20 'units' to count down. The ad does pay, but nowhere near what a 60 second ad should pay.

I noticed the same thing with Empires and Puzzles, and the only workaround I figured out was to play the game (not download it, just swipe or select the right game pieces, if I recall correctly), which started that countdown clock again each time. That shortened the "20" seconds to under 30, anyway.

If it pays 60 silvers or more I won't mind.

New century 21 ad today for 15 silver. Lasts about 15 seconds.

Nice! That falls well within the Hungry-Hog Suggested Unified Payout Standard (otherwise known as Hog-SUPS) for silver production..

But not my standard. I would like 60 silver ads only