The Crème de la Crème of off road machines

With 571 HP, one can do some sublime rock crawling with this thing. Why it has the exciting name "Cullinan", I've no idea. It's a head turner and head scratcher.

You would think for that price it would come with an automatic wash feature, even some Mercedes Benz cars come with headlight wipers. lol

One scratch costs $50,000

I imagine if one could afford to buy one at that price, then one could easily afford to discard it when it became dirty or scratched and just buy a new one.

The very fact that such a flagrant waste of resources is even made AT ALL presents a very cogent argument to support the need for our species to reach its own extinction.
(In hideously overpowered waste wagons...very rapidly - no matter the terrain.)

If a Bentley can go off road, so can a Porsche, and this Porsche does it much better. And I was amazed to see that a Porsche can be turned into a tow truck of sorts.