Thanks RingPlus and NthCircle!

I wanted to say thanks to everyone for always being helpful with cellphones and services

I did some math the other day, and I found that over the past 2 years I have only paid $30/mo

That includes the cost of:

  1. Smartphone

  2. Cel-fi signal boosters

  3. My service

I can safely say, that's pretty darn cheap. You all rock!

sovashadow, I'd like to hear more about your Cel-fi unit. Any chance you could indulge my curiosity?

Its basically an easy plug and play setup to boost ATT signal. Note: Its main purpose is for traditional voice/text as it does support boosting 3g but its futile in my situation because I can just use wifi. Where my family lives there is no ATT signal so I bought it for when I visit there. I was able to find one on ebay for 150 w/ free shipping two years ago. Video explanations provided

There are newer versions but those are as much as a new flagship smartphone. But hope that helps.

Thanks, savashadow!

sovashadow writes: "I was able to find one on ebay for 150 w/ free shipping two years ago. "

I did a quick search after your first post, as I wsan't familiar with Cel-Fi at all. It looks like you got a great deal on that one!

I miss the RingPlus forums. Even after RingPlus discontinued service their forum continued. And it had a huge amount of good information posted by members. It was a shame it was erased from the internet.

Have you tried opening a support ticket? :stuck_out_tongue:

You can post your ticket# and ask a mod to "ping" it. :wink:

Oh, my. :dry:

Your wish is my command

You just made me remember someone. They were very helpful and have been missed.

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I found iphone 5s/6/6s is painless setup of all phone have deal with.
There was a very interesting case last year of an iPhone from a GSM MVNO where the member was unable to get LTE.

Very extensive diagnostics were run and the matter was never resolved.

My sense at the time was that it had to be an APN issue, as everything else was ruled out by testing, but it is the only case of its type where a solution was not found. Normally profiles from other carriers can simply be manually deleted and recourse to third party tools is not necessary.

Eventually, the member migrated to another carrier without actually reporting what the APN settings were.

And just for fun, this one.

Wow -- I had forgotten how much great stuff there was on the RingPlus Forum. Lots of fond memories there. Thanks a million for sharing the link!

Yeah, I kind of got lost reading through some stuff, too. Lots of folks I'd like to hear from again, and lots of interesting avatars. What I don't miss is trying to type out those randomized user names......

(I took the opportunity to copy a few interesting tech tips I saw, including Promoze's advice on setting up mms on a Tribute HD.)

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From 1967:

Is the full RingPlus Social forum available still on the Wayback Machine or anywhere else?

I think the best you can do is work your way through links like below.

@isamorph , thanks for the video!

haha, my low-usage is preserved!

I'm up to 20 calls a year now though!