Thank you hungryghost!

I wanted to take a moment to appreciate @hungryghost for providing and moderating this forum especially after what happened yesterday.

hungryghost would have had to spend a good amount of time figuring out what happened and then tidying things up. He does that in his free time.

Additionally, that @etc only received a temporary ban was a magnanimous act on the part of hungryghost. Not only does hungryghost give his free time but he also pays for the server and software for this forum. Yet he was faced with a clean up operation that was initiated by @etc starting a thread insinuating there was a nefarious reason for a post not being removed by hungryghost.

People who provide their free time to moderate, let alone someone who pays for the server and software AND actually set up the forum itself, would not normally have been so magnanimous with just a temporary ban against somebody questioning their motives with no basis. So I hope @etc is grateful for the restraint shown by hungryghost.

I would add that the best thing for everyone to do in such circumstances is to not respond. There was another poster who kept on engaging who should also be grateful they did not receive a temporary ban.

If you respond to this thread, please be sure to show your appreciation for our host and moderator hungryghost!


I hope everyone realizes I was being sarcastic with the antagonist. I first called them out when they attacked other users on the "Hot Deals" thread which I enjoy reading. There are times I will sit idly by but sometimes I feel the need to go back and forth. I also did this with the forever banned JTSR71.

Many of us are grateful for hungryghost and his forum, one can hop on the wayback machine and see many users here including hungryghost were on the ringplus social forum a long time ago. hungryghost even wrote some apps for Ringplus to make things easier. Thanks again to hungryghost.

I even found my old avatar from Ringplus.


Agreed! I am not aware of what recently happened, but we are definitely lucky to have @hungryghost running this forum and grateful that all of us "RingPlus refugees" had someplace to go after its demise. No doubt being a moderator of a forum can be a thankless job at times, right up there with serving as president of a homeowners association. So thank you, hungryghost -- we truly appreciate all you do for us here.

@112059, I found my old avatar too. I picked it due to all the money we all saved with R+, even though my moneybags (not to mention my head of hair) were never even close to being that full. :smiley:

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I always enjoyed your avatar. I was able to save with Ring+, got a couple bags full of CN gold from Cellnuvo, and Sprint gave away 2 yrs worth of unlimited. Unfortunately some had their gold taken back from CN.

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