TF site working very poorly nowadays

It has become very browser fussy, and my only goal has been to add minutes & use as much as possible of the 8000+ points we have - but the options for adding minutes are no longer shown when I try that.

So I tried chatting - was given a link - and that didn't work either.

Seems like TF is a real mess - at least from here.

Anyone having better results than I am right now ??

Thanks for any helpful replies.

TF website is a hot mess right now, try Howardforums thread Buying basic plans with rewards points for some handy tips! Sorry couldn’t place the link here for you.

Net10 was nearly unreachable a few days ago and very sluggish for several days. Today seemed much better (or maybe it was the 1000 point win ;)).

Maybe blame the Ruski hackers DDoS collateral damage?

The new version of the website is glitchy, balky, and not ready for prime time. A large part of the problem is that sections from the old site, and the new site, are trying to talk to each other and failing.
In the meantime, you can access the old version of the Tracfone dashboard and Rewards Program account this way:

Use Firefox browser, in an incognito window, set to standard security with Enhanced Tracking Protection on.
Log in to your account via this URL:

With this route, you can do just about anything without being redirected to the new versions of the pages: monitor your lines, work with the Rewards program, earn points, spend points, etc.
If you need to activate a new line or something similar, start at the same link, but don't log in. From the top banner menu, you can activate a new line, set up a new account, etc.

There may be other combinations of browsers and settings that will accomplish the same thing-- the goal is to prevent being redirected to newer versions of the different sections.

I didn't know TF site was being updated with new version. I figured they just didn't pay their server bill ;).
I hope they figure it out before moving on to updating Page Plus & Net10. In any case I'm taking the reports above (thanks EtZ for initiating) as canaries in the coal mine and added a few months via points redemption now while it (NET10) is working OK.

I've noticed no material differences in the app (net10 or TF) and seem to be working normally. I just redeemed TF points for another month of service.

Bought a Tracfone Prepaid Wireless Smartphone Sim+Plan-1200 Min,1200 Txt, 3gb Data plan from eBay. It came with 3 sim cards (T-Mobile, AT&T & Verizon). Is there anyway to check if the sim cards actually have the 1200/1200/3GB plan attached to it without activating it? My current plan is still good for awhile so I don't want to activate it if I don't have to. Thanks.

It's been reported that if you call or Chat, an agent can tell you whether there is 'some' plan attached to the card. They won't be able to see exactly what the plan is, though. For this purpose, that's probably good enough, since all reports of failures I've seen are because the SIM has no plan attached, rather than the wrong plan.

According to some info leaked today (from Verizon to dealers), after June you might not be able to activate on any network other than Verizon. I"m assuming you don't already have a Tracfone plan? If you do, and your thought is to extend service on that line, there's no need to wait, since Tracfone service time and units stack.

If you'll be new to Tracfone, don't forget to join the Rewards Program with a referral from an existing member-- you'll get up to 8000 Rewards points for doing so, which can be exchanged for $80 worth of service.

I'm guessing you've had that SIM bundle sitting for a while already, if it came with a 3-SIM BYOP kit. (For quite a while, they've only included a single SIM, for the network selected at time of purchase.)