TextNow Surprises

So I got a TextNow Sprint sim, and here are things that suprised me. For those who dont know the sim you can purchase from them is still free unlimited talk and text but it runs on the Data connection like LTE not the traditional network.

But what I found cool is two things.

  1. MMS DOES work on the absolutely free plan with the sim

  2. You can ask google a question on the google app and it will return results on the free plan. You CANT click on the results, but simply asking a question and getting geneal data will be a plus like, "what time zone am I in" and other general questions you might want a quick answer too. This MAY be a glitch, but it still is nice for the moment.

Cant wait for this to be on GSM so we can utilize this on dual-sim phones!

Edit: Just be aware since the talk and text is exclusively on data connection, truphone does have the advantage of being able to use traditional connection even if its only unlimited free receiving talk and text. There are times I have no data connection but I have the traditional connection. Just something to think about.

Facebook apps work, too.

Hi beautiful, longtime no see. Wink :wink:

texting on Google Voice works as well (including MMS) without wifi, even without forwarding to your textnow number.

Just note it is all ymmv ... all these google things never worked on my phone. I think older models probably have more chance.

confirmed it works on my moto e6

Is that e6 model you have working on TextNow data an XT1962?

XT1962 is Moto G7. This is the E6 from Visible. XT2005-5 witch is the retail version of the phone.

I'm curious, ajzwilli, since I know the Moto E6 XT2005-5 initially had real problems activating with data on Sprint MVNOs. Did you have any difficulty signing up for TextNow with it, and do you happen to remember which Sprint SIM card you used?

No issues whatsoever. I have sim SOI0003a, which I believe is SIMOLW416TQ. I though the issue was that speed was limited on sprint MVNO's on LTE. I get the LTE indicator and since data is limited to 2G speeds on TextNow free, then it's not an issue.

Thanks, ajzwilli! Either you were lucky, or Motorola/Sprint quietly supplied a fix for this issue.
I don't believe the issue was one of speed, but rather that the E6 wouldn't provision for data at all. (Obviously, that would be a deal-killer for use on TextNow-- so your experience is a very valuable indication that they've fixed the issue.)

I've had the e6 setup with textnow for months - can't remember when, but I would guess around September. Was the issue you were referring to ever confirmed it was more widespread that Tello?

Definitely more widespread than Tello, and it appeared to be all MVNOs. I emailed Tello a few months ago, thinking about swapping in an E6, and they advised against even trying it. (Probably before September, though.)
I suppose it's possible that there's something different about TextNow's data-only provisioning and standard cellular voice provisioning-- but my optimistic side wants to believe that your experience means the problem is actually fixed.

Yes, my mistake, after an update the G7 data was nerfed (also).
I have an e6 (xt-2005-5) and never tried text now because I thought it wouldn't work due to the Sprint MVNO data issues. Now I'm tempted to try but I suspect in a few months will have to switch over to T-mo SIM card.

Any free or cheap 3rd party source of TN SIM card vs. $10 from TN?

You don't have to have a TN sim card - you can use any sprint sim that works for that phone. I just used one in that I had laying around from a previous phone.

Also, FWIW, after getting my e6, i put in my FU sim to see if it worked and then put in my sprint sim. Not sure if that is why I was successful and others were not.

I need to dig through my Sprint SIM cards. I think I have a kit or two i got from Amazon for $1. Hopefully there is the one you mentioned using. Phone last had a Mint SIM in it after originally having Visible SIM.

I think textnow is also trying to deploy a video calling feature with its service.

This service could be initiated WITHOUT wifi on the textnow sim device

At first I thought both devices needed to have the app (like facetime or duo), but main device I have doesnt have textnow and it worked via a link

Now granted it only worked for a couple seconds, but it is probably still in beta or earlier phase.

Edit: It worked perfectly when using wifi, I imagine this is not intended to be exclusive and will work in the future flawlessly on sim only

Link? Like you need to text or email a link to the other party? Every time?

It's an automatic process but yes. I would assume later down the line this would be an instantaneous feature from TextNow app to TextNow app