TextNow has 2 phone numbers?

Seems the LTE SIM has a phone number but this number works via wifi (calls and messaging). If I try to call in or out when not on wifi, call does not go through. Sending message out, it would say it is blocked.

The TextNow App has a different phone number. This one works while on wifi or off (meaning running off LTE data). I am able to make calls and also send/rcv text, including photo. However, neither email nor Maps work.

Anyone else with TextNow SIM able to validate this?

Device: iPhone 6S Plus
Plan: Subscription Invoice - Nationwide Talk & Text (with ads)

That the TextNow SIM card phone # works for calls and messaging when the phone is connected to WiFi is an interesting observation. I wasn't aware that would work, but I also never tested it that way.

The intended way to use TextNow is with their app over data, WiFi or cellular.

I was lucky enough to get the TextNow offer for 250MB/mo of unrestricted data, so I don't have experience with the "data access to essential apps". But if you aren't getting what you were promised, I'd suggest chatting with an agent. TextNow chat is reasonably available and usually able to help. I think the chat hours are 10a-5:30p, Eastern.

I agree with BOZ that PEW's experience with being able to call and text using the LTE SIM's number (not the TextNow app's number) is very interesting.

It jives with my experience, coincidentally, on an iPhone 6S. In fact, you can use the LTE SIM's number while on WiFi for FaceTime. FaceTime did not work on TextNow's number when on LTE and not on WiFi.

I will experiment on Android and report back.

Maybe a workaround for the authentication situations (banks etc.) where TN # is refused??

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