Textnow 99 cent SIM deal for 'free cellular' query

Howdy Folks.
I've had a desktop phone that's wifi only with a 'free' Textnow number for quite a while & caved in last year for their 4.99 keep your number deal.

That came up for renewal & in doing that I saw their 'free cellular' offer again & tested the IMEI of a retired phone - which it confirmed much to my surprise.

The IMEI given is from a phone used before with AT&T services that failed when it required VOLTE & has sat unused ever since, but still works fine otherwise.

This all leads me to ask, please:

  • Is anyone else here getting good uses from this 'free cellular' offer ??
  • Can anyone tell me which network/provider this uses, please ??

The way I see it - for all of 99 cents it is worthy of testing & if it bombs out, no great loss, but if it works I get to resume using a phone which was very good on a number which also works via wifi.

Thanks for any helpful replies !!

I have the 99c SIM. I use it on an old iPhone as an additional line to my TMO post paid line.
The SIM is TMO but the APN set up is for AT&T. So I think it runs off AT&T towers.
The app itself has free unlimited data so via the app, I am able to make calls and send text (incl pics). If you want to run anything else off data, you have to buy it.
Overall, well worth the 99c.

I am hoping to get invited to the free sponsored data plan that would give me free data for maps and rideshare apps but nothing so far.

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Thanks for your great reply here Pew !!

That is good news as it must be the TN VOIP version of the wally/Freedompop deal which does work in our area, so it'll likely be good for bringing the idle Moto G back into use.

Thanks Again !!