I remember it was mentioned in the past that tethering, like roaming, was available if you asked for it to be enabled.

I did ask for it recently and got this answer:

"Tethering will be available in the near future. Please check our website for availability".

If anyone of you sees it before I do, please let us all know.

support and Tom told me they working on it and it coming soon. soon passed awhile ago

mmmfacemm said that tethering is working but so far not for me. Says my data not on and that plan might not have it turned on. Please contact phone company

Is tethering working for anyone else?

I asked about 5 weeks ago and was probably one of the very first. This was before they realized they would have a lot of trouble enabling it. I don't know the details of why there were so many issues but they must have stopped at some point taking any more requests.

Anyway after 5 weeks of pestering Tom seems to have managed to switch tethering on for me last night. I was emailing him last night (about seeing if he could make it to the forum for an update - he intends to but is extremely busy and is sad he hasn't been on for a while) and mentioned tethering and he did sorted it out this today. So it is possible to get tethering. I am no longer getting the error messages and can tether without any special app.

If you've requested it and are still waiting then I suggest you continue periodically to chase support and Tom for it. If you have been getting replies that tethering is not available right now then it appears they have closed the doors until they have fixed whatever it was causing the issue for those who already asked for it. Perhaps try again now and then to see if the position has changed.

Thanks for the details mmfacemm (I'm having difficulty pronouncing your name :)). I appreciate it. I think it's time to send them another email...

Word is the option to turn on tethering is coming to the dashboard soon so should be available to everyone.

That would be great. I just sent Tom and support an email asking for the option again. I'll see how/if they respond.

Tom just activated it for me - what a wonderful service :slight_smile: Thanks for the tips mmfacemm.


So you need to get with support@cellnuvo.com and they can turn it on.