Tello Xmas Sale: 2GB plan for $2

Hello everyone,

We're here to share our latest promo with the people who have always been there for us. Check out the details:

"End the year off with a $2 phone bill and set yourself up to continue to save with the most flexible wireless carrier through 2020. Get the 2GB phone plan with unlimited talk & text for just $2/month. This jiggling offer is valid for newcomers only, for the first month of service.

After that, you’ll pay the regular price of the plan – $14/mo, no extra taxes – and still stick to that ongoing New Year Revolution of saving more."

More, here: Tello Xmas Sale: 2GB plan For $2.

So, this jingling, jangling, jiggling offer would work out to $13(+no extra taxes) a month if one stayed on the plan for a year. Pretty good for 2GB+unlimited 2G thereafter and unlimited t&t every month.

Hello there, I'm just here to clear the air and make sure the terms of the offer are well understood.
Our Xmas Offer of 2GB plus talk & text is $2 only for the first month of service. After that, you'll pay the regular amount of the plan, that of $14/mo. This deal is not ongoing and there is no condition of keeping it the same for the entire year in order to benefit from it. This is a one time, exclusive offer valid for newcomers until Dec 26.

We assure you 2020 will come with its own surprises.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us here or by phone, anytime!