Tello unlimited 2G afterwards

So for $7/mo, you get 200MB LTE then throttled to 2G speed... 2G speed should be sufficient for Hangouts texts, right?

(considering since it looks like CN will allow you to get plans from any provider... more to come on how it will actually work, I guess).

I don't see why 2G speeds wouldn't work for texts-- we've seen reports that it works for VoIP, which should have far greater needs than sms.

Just to let you know that TPO have excellent plans in this space. Sprint or tmobile.
Eg Unlimited talk/unlimited text/ 100mb lte + unlimited 2g for $7.99 plus tax
or 100mins/100texts/100mb + unlimited 2g for $4.99 plus tax.

Having used both I would say Tello has better features on its dashboard and you have the option of mixing plans with paygo. Support is probably better too. So you may prefer to use them anyway. But many of us have enjoyed these tpo plans.

I find puffin browser works very fast in 2g. I see little difference then when I have 4g. Using the puffin browser

Are Tello and TPO still the cheapest solutions for unlimited throttled 2g?
Puffin or opera mini the best browsers?
I've been reviewing the threads from early last year, and would like to know if anything newer/ better /cheaper/ has popped up.

There is also Blackwireless which runs on ATT. They have a $15 a month plan with 200mins/200texts/500mg LTE and unlimited 128kbps data. You can buy a 12 month version for $135 - so $11.25. So yes it is more expensive but offers ATT which many may prefer as well as a decent amount of included minutes/texts/high speed LTE.

Tello is 64kbps and only on sprint (cheapest is $7 but you might as well get the $8 plan with 100mins as well). I think unlimited texts is included either but not sure. TPO is supposed to be 64kbps but many of us have seen 128kbps (cheapest is $5 + tax). Mine was on tmobile but you can also have sprint.

I find puffin to be the best browser as well.

There is a better alternative but almost impossible to achieve since it requires coordination of at least 15 people in a group. Google Project Fi just implemented Bill Protection, for 6 lines group plan, it is $275 plus tax or $330 max. Each line pays $55 for 15GB LTE and then unlimited 256kbps data, plus global roaming (LTE or 256kbps). Now here is the gem: each line can have up to 9 data-only SIMs that will share data with that main line. If the main line doesn't care about data usage, it will be $55 for 10 unlimited data SIMs. Add GoogleVoice to each phone that uses data-only SIM, you got 9 phones with unlimited plan with less than $6 monthly fee.

als, I've been meaning to respond about this in a thread about your tablet.

I've used both Opera Mni & Puffin, and like both.

Opera Mini has nice data-saving features: you can block ads, reduce resolution on pictures, etc. This happens in the process of sending the page to you, so it's inherently different than blocking ads in Google Chrome, or most browsers. (Those blocks reduce the load on your phone & your aggravation, but don't necessarily reduce the data used.) It will seem a little slow to load pages, since the page is processed by Opera's server before being sent to you-- but in a head-to-head test, I see rendered pages quicker than using Chrome, although slower to start loading the page display. (Regardless of the speed of your data link.)

Puffin, in my experience, excels at highly-throttled speeds. Opera Mini is much better than Chrome at 2G speeds, but Puffin seemed faster & more resistant to timing out than Opera Mini.

If you're up for it, a good solution might be to use Opera Mini, set for the most aggressive data-saving you can tolerate, during the non-throttled period (to stretch the high-speed data further), and then use Puffin once you hit 2G throttling.

Play with both when you have WiFi available, and see what you think!

OK, I activated TPO sim, I show a phone number with minutes and data in my online account. My phone shows sim in slot one. Do I have it in backwards?
I've got no service. emergency calls only. I do have reception in this area I know i'm missing some basic detail.

Might try , if you haven't done so, rebooting phone, PRL and Profile updates if applicable. Sounds like you have a dual sim phone, so perhaps make sure in setting that you have data and phone, or internet and dial, selected as default for sim slot one. Also, you could make sure mobile data is on, at least until phone is up and running. Maybe it takes a little while to work after activating.

I just got this email from TPO. It's a gsm phone. LOL
Your activation encountered a problem

Something went wrong with your TPO Mobile CDMA activation, please try again.

Please make sure your personal information and payment details are accurate - often this can be the cause why attempts are unsuccessful.

If you need help activating your CDMA device, please contact our support team using a request form.

We look forward to welcoming you to TPO Mobile.

Are you porting a number or is this a new one?

Have you input in the TPO APN? You probably have to put it in manually.

It's a new number/
Thank,s I just tried manually inputting TPO APN .
I restarted, then I confirmed the new apn settings are accurately entered .
After Restart I still get No service emergency numbers only.

It's peculiar that TPO is confused about the GSM--CDMA issue.

I just went to Google Play was thinking about trying Opera Mini to avoid some of the ads I encountered, but after reading the reviews is seems many are upset at the number of ads the app itself is showing. Some are highly disappointed in the app now.

I changed my mind after reading the reviews since I don't do that much web surfing on my phone & the few ads I do encountered aren't that big of a problem. Plus I don't really need to save data since I don't use that much per month anyway.

Do you find the app to be serving a lot of ads or pop up ads?

als-- Isamorph's suggestion is good. It's likely that each SIM can be turned off/on individually in Settings, as well as selecting the SIM for voice and data. You may find you need to reset the voice/data preference after turning a SIM on/off, too.

Have you set the APN?

Adding to what KentE said, after setting which sim card or slot to use as default, you might have to reboot the phone for the change to take effect. Seems that I had to do that on my dual sim phone once.