Tello Port In Experience

Looks like I have to go on the website, submit some info, and wait... not the "right away" experience with Mint...

The port in details you need to provide to our Customer Support team are the following:
Current number
Current provider
Account number from current provider
PIN/Password from current provider
Your address as listed on the phone bill
First name and last name as listed on the phone bill

The port in will take up to 2 working days for regular mobile numbers and up to 5 working days for landline and VOIP numbers.

It does say up to 2 days, which is probably the worst case scenario, but my experience with Tello, with all info in order, port ins have taken less than an hour. But it probably depends on which MVNO or one of the big 4 is on the other end porting out.

Thanks for the note, will check my account periodically to see if it finishes early. Given it's Friday night, might not happen though...

That's been my experience, as well.

Most are 24 hours

Tello are slow with ports. One of the slowest mvno i've ever come across. I've ported quite a few numbers and most have taken around 2-4 days. I've never had one go through in an hour or even close to that.

That was also my experience. A few days for port to be completed. However, I ported numbers from FreedomPop, which is considered Voip/landline provider, so a delay of a few days was expected.

Porting out of Freedompop, to anywhere, is slow.
Interesting mixed experiences with Tello. I've ported 4 numbers to Tello, and the longest took no longer than 6 hours, on a weekend night. (Maybe considerably less, but I went to bed.) The others were finished within 30-60 minutes. I think all the ports originated within the Sprint network.

5 hr from red pocket, not done yet.

The only hour we ever got was Sprint to TMobile

Best for me was Sprint to mint, right away.

6 hr, still not done.

See tomorrow during the day


Got email from Telling saying Red Pocket had not ack the port. Went on online chat at RP and agent says they just released it. Emailed back Tello.. Waiting...

I guess one should chat with RP once port request is in.

Got email back from Tello a few min later saying port still in progress... An hour later, still waiting.

4 hr since email response from Tello saying they're working on it, still waiting... Looks like no one is actively working on it. Maybe they only check once a day.

Maybe it's Saturday.

Tello claims to have 24x7 customer service. I guess it's 24x7 auto reply service. Red Pocket CS are avail on Saturdays.

Red Pocket is also who was holding up your port while you were giving us hourly updates about Tello.

Yeah, like Freedompop. But back to how Tello treats ports... not very aggressively... it's like Sprint before... nowadays, the Sprint CS will actually forward you over to the Port dept so they can get it done right away.

@PEW. Why not call RP again to make sure that they released your# when they said they did. Also ask Tello if RP has released the # , to be sure, unless Tello has already told you RP has released it.