Tello Holiday promo $10/4gb first 3 months

Probably most Tello users have already seen this....

Tello's holiday promo is unlimited talk/text + 4GB for $10/mo. Promo price good for 3 months, at which time it reverts to $19/mo if you keep that plan-- but you can always change plans easily & immediately online.

Tello sent this via email to users, but also on their front page at

If you're new to Tello, grab a referral link from the referral thread here

(I'm linking to the earliest page of the referral thread that has a Tello referral code-- scan through the following pages if you'd like to find a particular person's referral code.)
Using a referral code gets you and the referring member 10 Tello dollars that can be used to pay for a monthly plan.

Thank You! Nice find! Great plan!
Does Tello currently offer use of tmobile towers to subscribers? Which bands?
Sprint coverage is non existent in some of my work areas here.

If you're after t-mobile coverage, best to go with mint mobile who have 3 months free on all 3 month plans.

3GB a month will be $45 for 6 months / $7.50 per month
8GB a month will be $60 for 6 months / $10 per month
12GB a month will be $75 for 6 months / $12.50 per month
Unlimited will be $90 for 6 months / $15 per month

Not as of today. Tello has announced they're converting to T-Mobile 'soon'. First will be when they begin offering T-Mobile SIMs to new subscribers, and then will start offering replacement SIMs to current subscribers.

Tello had expected T-Mobile SIMs might be available before the end of 2020, but we haven't seen it yet.

I don't think Tello, or any legacy-Sprint MVNO, allows access to T-Mobile towers at this point: T-Mobile hasn't made that available, and I don't think they've offered any comments about the possibility so far.