Tello Free 1st month unlimited TNT and 2GB. Plus get $10 with a referral. Nice!

Get first month free of unlimited talk and text and 2gb data with code DADLOV3. New accounts only

Happy Father's Day gift from Tello.

Make sure you get a referral from the referral thread too for an extra $10 in tello dollars.

Thanks for posting this grand offer!!!!
WOW! one month unlimited and 2gb free for new accounts + $10 referral credit!!!!!!

Is it possible to use the referral credit for paygo after the first free month is over?

[strike]The referral credit can be used for paygo but you have to have enough credit to cover the full amount. Unfortunately they charge tax and the min paygo is $10 so you need $10+ tax. Since the credit is $10 you have to get two referrals to use it. At least that is my understanding...[/strike]

My mistake you CAN use the $10 right away for paygo credit!

I hope Tello are doing okay with all these deals that sprint postpaid is running. First the free year and then this $15 kickstart plan.

Oops-- I hadn't considered that there is tax on the Paygo credit purchase. als's scenario seemed to me to be the perfect way to set up a low-cost Paygo plan.
My wife and I both have Tello PayGo lines as backups-- they have come in extremely handy when numbers/accounts/phones are being juggled elsewhere. I've used mine as 'primary' for some extended periods, and for days when I don't want to subject my main phone to rugged conditions........ (Relatively painlessly, since I have my primary number at Google Voice-- wish I could convince my wife to be comfortable with that for her number!)

Sorry my mistake you CAN use the $10 referral for paygo credit with just the one referral!

Hey Guys,

This is just to let you know that this offer has been extended until June 25th, so in case you haven't taken advantage of it yet, you can still do that for another 5 days :slight_smile:

Let us know what you guys think of it, or what other features you would like to see Tello coming up with.