Tello charges when people leave voicemail?

Seems I am seeing several charges for people leaving voicemail.

Seems right. Incoming calls are charged so why not voicemail? I would have thought all do it?

I do not see a charge for VM unless I actually call my VM to listen to the message? If I were to access the VM from the dialer, long press one or tap the notification, I am charged per minute.
If I access the VM from the native Sprint VM app over WiFi I incur no charge.

I made a test call and let it go to voicemail - nothing is showing in my account.

Nope I was never charged for the voicemail left on my Tello line.

hm... will have to keep an eye on this... maybe I should ask them to turn off voicemail as GV would/should have picked up first.

I'm having the same issue, I didn't check the VM via the phone's dialer. People leave voicemails and I'm being charged for them. So if I get several robocall voicemails a day, I have to pay for all of them even if I decline them. Very disappointing..