Tello and the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

Everything you need to know about Tello and the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

[i]"Sprint MVNO Tello has released a timeline of its network migration from Sprint to T-Mobile. Key points:

  • No change to plans or pricing
  • Start letting customers switch to T-Mobile by the end of this year.
  • Sprint network may shut down as early as mid-2021.
  • Customers can stay on Sprint until it shuts down, if they wish.
  • Sprint phones that support LTE bands 2, 4 & 12 and VoLTE will work on T-Mobile."[/i]


Reference: Everything you need to know about Tello and the 2 Telecom Giants' Merger

st3fx beat me to posting this by a few minutes-- in the interest of not having 2 threads, I'm going to delete the one I started, and copy my original comment here:

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TLDR: Sprint CDMA-only devices are expected to continue working on Tello through at least mid-2021, and Tello will provide at least 3 months notification before ending legacy Sprint service..

Sometime in the not-too-distant future, T-Mobile service will be an option on Tello. 5G access will be included.

"Tello’s current plan pricing and options will remain unchanged through the transition process. " "


Looks as if the Moto E 2nd gen phone my very elderly mother-in-law has on Tello will continue to work on Tello for some time, unless the battery gives way. I guess you could say, getting a new $30 phone with 4G LTE + VoLTE that is still going strong several years later, is an enduring benefit from the R+ days.

My thinking is that since all CDMA phones have GSM radios, it is possible to use a GSM SIMcard in a CDMA phone. Long ago, there was a SlickDeals thread about using a FreedomPop GSM SIMcard in the Moto E 2nd gen phone that you mention above.

Not sure, but from what Tello said, it seems the key to transitioning the a Moto E 2 to Timo is VoLTE support, which is necessary along with having the necessary GSM bands. The 4 G LTE version of the Moto E 2 was a bit ahead of its time for a budget smartphone it seems. My concern is how long the battery will last and how easy is it to replace.