Tello 2GB LTE 6 mo now $29.40, $5/mo

Just a little more than the fees I pay for free lines on Sprint.

Valid for new Tello users only.

I've purchased the 6 month deal a few times and was deemed a "new" Tello user by using an email address I hadn't used on Tello before, and I was able to use the same address, contact info, plus PayPal payment method I used on other Tello accounts in the past.

Did you have to get a new # or was it possible to apply it to an existing Tello #?

Both times I've chosen a new number since I use my GV# with the plan. I can't remember if the other option is to port a number in, but I doubt one can use an existing Tello number, for that would appear to indicate one already has a Tello account, although one is opening a new account. Yet, who knows, maybe one can port a number from another Tello account to the new plan. In the past, there have been some long comment threads on this plan on SlickDeals site, which may have addressed this issue. I'll see if I can find a link.