Teleworking Tip

A lot of people are used to using two computer monitors, at work, and wish they could duplicate that setup at home (without spending any money).

If you have an Amazon Fire Stick then you should be able to accomplish this easily. Here's how:

  1. Turn on your TV, switch it to the Amazon Fire Stick, then hold the "Home" button on your remote for about 5 seconds. If you see 4 menu choices and one of them is "Mirroring" then you can do this! If you only see 3 choices then you have one of the few Fire Stick models that doesn't support Mirroring. Go ahead and select "Mirroring."

  2. Next, on your Windows 10 laptop, click on the "Notifications" icon at the bottom right of your screen. Click "Connect". If you don't see anything that says "Connect" then click on "Expand" and it will show up.

  3. After you click on "Connect" choose the Fire Stick from the list. (It may be the only thing that shows up.) Next, click on "change projection mode" and select Extend. That's it!

Now you can open windows on your main screen and drag them over to the second screen (your TV) so that you can work on multiple things at once.

Even if you don't need this functionality you can post a photo to Facebook to prove to your boss and coworkers how hard you're working from home! (Just be sure that you don't have any Solitaire, Etsy or Pinterest tabs open.