Target's delivery supply chain

Back on Saturday, I placed a large online order from Target.

The order was made up of 11 distinct skus totaling 25 items. 6 of the items / 3 skus were the same product in a different color.

So you could say I ordered 8 different products with a total of 25 items.

In order to get this to me, I needed to do one product as a store pickup while the rest are being delivered as 11 (Eleven) separate UPS deliveries each from a different origin. There are even some duplicate items that are being shipped seperately.

Most of the deliveries are coming from different Target stores. I concluded that this might be about managing inventory levels across a large company like Target with multiple locations. However, as mentioned, for a couple of products, a single store didn't have enough stock to completely fulfill the order so it doesn't sound like they have high inventory levels in those particular stores.

To make it all worse, Target's order tracking page is a mess. The wrong tracking numbers have been linked to the line items so items are showing as delivered when they haven't been and vice versa.

And one of those items appears to be in limbo so it'll be fun trying to sort that out if it doesn't ship!

All this is probably more complicated than the cellnuvo to red pocket refill process.

What would Karl do?

As my wife might say: it'll all work out--though she is sometimes wrong on that count. But I do believe this an example of why Amazon is the leader of the pack when it comes to online ordering ease. Although Target and Walmart have greatly improved, Amazon is still the best, in my opinion, and it's too bad one cannot use them for orders like yours, which you could probably only do through Target. I do think you will have more success with Target CS than with CN CS.

I have had the same experience with Amazon orders, with each line item shipping from a different location, and multiples of the same item shipping from different locations.
I'm sure they've done the math to know that stocking warehouses this way makes financial sense overall. I have Prime, so at least I feel like I'm getting my money's worth with free shipping of a lot of packages. It's also encouraging to know that I'm doing my bit to support the delivery industry.

Promise 30 packages for 25 items and only deliver a couple of them.