T-Mobile Home Television (TVision)

It's good that T-mobile is finally getting the ball rolling with their tv plan. However, I think it may have been better if they had waited until they get their 5G tv up and running before pulling the trigger, for, as it now stands, at $90-$100 a month with the proviso that it must be connected to one's current internet provider, it appears not disruptive at all, to me, and just replicates what already exists. Now if T-mobile can soon offer 5G unlimited internet+tv at $50 or even $100 a month via a sim card in their tv box, I'll feel disrupted. But they are getting their tv brand put in the wild in any case.

Does that work with a cable box or a Roku app???

"TVision Home launches with a cable box today, but core to the Un-carrier’s TV strategy is that TVision works with the apps and hardware and services people already use. T-Mobile also unveiled plans to launch TVision on popular third-party TV platforms in the future. That means getting TVision will be as simple as downloading an app and picking from a variety of low-cost home or mobile subscriptions – no extra box or equipment required." Meet T‑Mobile TVision Home: BS‑Free TV That Learns You ‑ T‑Mobile Newsroom

Ok but i still need data and phone from cable company?

At $90 or even $80. It does not pay. Bundles for cable co for new customers start at that price. For all 3 service tv, phone, data

Cable company has bundle package.

So I'm not sure how I would save money??

Plus what is min data needed?


Currently available only in select markets.

Broadband required. Good question about speeds. I imagine video quality would be adjusted based on actual speed. For HD, I suggest minimum of 10Mbps.

$90/month, if you are a T-Mobile customer or as part of current "promotional" rate (locked in). Otherwise, rate is $100/month, if you are not a T-Mobile customer and sign up after promo period.

T-Mobile is currently offering contract buyout for satellite TV customers.

Yeah, it's not too exciting at the moment. I would consider it if possible to use subscription in multiple locations simultaneously.

If they offered all 3 for that price using 5g. That would be interesting.