T-Mobile Home Internet

It just launched. $60/month isn't a bargain, but not unreasonable either, especially when you wouldn't have to buy your own router. For comparison, I'm paying exactly that for Verizon FIOS 400mbps

T-Mobile announces widespread launch of consumer Home Internet service - CNET

I checked my address (literally 8 blocks from where the mayhem on Jan 6 occurred) and got the response that I was eligible.

Check Internet Availability At Your Address | T-Mobile Home Internet (t-mobile.com)

I'm curious to know if anyone has been using this service since T-Mobile started their pilot and if so, is the service good (as in comparably reliable and fast vis-a-vis cable or FIOS.

I am thinking of cancelling internet all together and just live off my Samsung phone with DEX. I have a $20 USB-C hub that 1) powers my phone, HDMI out for monitor monitor, USB out for keyboard a and mouse. :slight_smile:

Still not available for me. It isn't like I live out in the boonies. 30 mins out from a large city. Excellent tmobile signal including 5g.

It was just okay at $50. $60 is pretty steep unless you have no decent options.

I think really all you are getting is regular tmo service attached to an average router. The unlimited is the draw of course.

What is the real world speed of this service?