T-Mobile and Sprint Merger Timeline?

Is 50 day the standard for unlocking or is it some kind of significant date related to the merger?


Sprint has multiple colors of the 512GB iPhone XS for $599 (New). This can be used with their $35 kickstarter unlimited plan. Needs to be on Sprint for 50 days before they will unlock and you can goto another network if desired. I ordered 2 in-store and they waived the activation fee as I am coming over from AT+T. Planning to try Sprint and if I don't like going back to AT+T on a BYOD plan after 50 days.

... so not a done deal... still pending the remaining 13 states with lawsuits. I guess the states will demand some compensation in exchange for approving the merger.

Pretty sure the judge tossed the states suits.

As I understand it, 50 days is just random.
There is a formal "understanding" agreed to by major mobile operators in the USA that handsets can be unlocked after one year if considered paid and acct. in good standing.

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"T-Mobile claims the merger may close as soon as April 1st."