T-Mo and Sprint merger update

JustIce Department Leaning Against Merger of Sprint and T-Mobile

... so more Sprint 1 year free?

I am against merger

If the merger doesn't happen, I don't see how Sprint's offering basically free phone and data plans would reduce its massive debt. So I seriously doubt the return of the 1 year free plan.

Why would TMobile want to take on such debt

My thought as to 'why'.... spectrum.
T-Mobile recently paid $8 billion for 600 mhz spectrum. Sprint already owns tons of low-band spectrum. (This spectrum is especially good for long-range coverage.)

Sprint also owns lots of spectrum that is perfect for 5G-- more than either AT&T or Verizon. They just can't afford to build it out. T-Mobile anticipates needing to buy more spectrum for 5G if they don't get access to Sprint spectrum. The Sprint frequencies also seem ideal for fixed-point data delivery. (T-Mobile TV.)

A T-Mobile/Sprint merger would own far more bandwidth than either AT&T or Verizon-- so much more that it's one of the regulatory stumbling blocks.

"Basically, Sprint is saying that if the merger does not get approved it will probably go out of business anyway."

"The No. 4 wireless carrier filed documents with the federal agency that painted a bleak picture, according to a report Thursday from The Wall Street Journal. The document made it clear that Sprint's recent subscriber gains were more smoke and mirrors than actual new customers signing up."

Fear mongering by Sprint to try to fool the regulators into approving the merger.

And even if Sprint went bankrupt, another company would buy their assets. Their network hardware and their customers. So they'd still be four national networks if regulators didn't allow one of the other three nationals to buy Sprint's assets.

Yes, if the merger doesn't take place, Sprint whether purchased via bankruptcy or a firesale does have valuable assets(radio spectrum assets) that can be had at a bargain basement price, yet I don't think whoever takes over will be offering almost free unlimited plans as Sprint did to woo regulators with subscriber numbers.. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

I could see the cable companies interested in buying out Sprint's assets.

I agree that it seems attractive for a cable company that's actually interested in being a market disrupter.

So far, most of the cellular offerings from cable companies only look disruptive on the surface, but are actually configured to bolster the status quo. (Providing another reason to make it difficult to leave your current cable provider, while shuttling the actual cellular business back to the big existing cellular providers.)

I think it's interesting that the most 'disruptive' cable/cellular arrangement I'm aware of already involves Sprint.

lol. phoo on 'disruptive technologies'' always being a good thing. I get grumpy when my water service has a disruptive technology issue when I am trying to get ready for work.

CNBC's full interview with US Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim

T-Mobile and Sprint push merger deadline to July 29th

Giving away free yearly service is not a sustainable business model?

Gee---I wonder why Sprint lost so many customers? I do know that they just lost another one-year free plan customer this month with many more to follow, I'm sure.


Does free customer help the bottom line? Nope

Sure they not crying.

Yet I thought they kept renew the free plan


So why merge then?!? Just to consolidate infrastructure and then get those prepaid subscribers to convert to post paid?

FCC officials meet to discuss Sprint, T-Mobile merger conditions as review hits critical stage

Oh no

FCC chairman gives green light to T-Mobile-Sprint merger

The Justice Department might kill T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger despite likely FCC approval