Switch to Red Pocket and save $250 on any iPhone + $20 off AirPods (2nd Gen)

Red Pocket Mobile has $250 off any iPhone + $20 off Airpods

iPhone prices start at $149 or $6.21/mo with 24 month 0% financing

Final AirPods price is $139

This deal is for the GSMA network with any qualifying plan*

All iOS features are compatible like MMS and Facetime over cellular (including VoLTE and Wifi Calling starting in February)

*Qualifying plans are available for selection during checkout and include 24 months of service.

2 year plan purchase?
7gb/mo. min. plan or you only get $75 off?
Other catches? Locked phones

Just put a family member on RP.
I thought track CS was useless but RP is challenging track ineptness/ineffective systems with their inability to correct simple basic phone/VM issues.
Bad impression so far.
RP really needs to get basic CS addressed otherwise they will see plenty of one and done.

People skills seem to be avoided quite spectacularly by cellular companies - such that they insist upon hiring goofballs that think forum spamming is a good idea & offshoring pretty much everything.