Swipir - Have you tried it?

Have you used the Swipir test app Tom keeps suggesting? What are your thoughts about it?

Dora says, "Swipir, no swiping!"

I think you are funny.

I found little difference in ad quantity and payout. I think the low split-the-pot amount says nobody is swiping or little payout for swiping. I sure do miss the good old days of the 30 point ads (Maltesers, Snickers, Coastguard, etc.), these 1/3 of a point ads are just not worth the effort.

Do a "split screen" and earn on both apps. I have CellNuvo app on top, and Swipir at the bottom. Most smartphones should be able to do "split screen". If don't know how, google or youtube for directions for your particular phone.

Tom gave me this idea a couple of days ago when he said "High paying ads are in, but as mentioned before Q1 ad availability is always low, but if you get on Swipir you can double up, and as the new ad products are optimized those new ads will increase in points as well. These new ad products are more consistent throughout the year, so this availability should level out over the next month or so.

Since there are no limits on what you can take out, there is no need to have multiple accounts, BUT having one account on CellNUVO and one on Swipir is a great way to double up.


The funny thing to me was that it's the same game running on both platforms at the same time. I won some swiping both but none were over 30 points, in the past the match-all-pot would be 500-2000 points.