SWAP Approval Notice

When I got my Moto e6, I received a notice from Visible indicating they approved the phone received (within two weeks of sending it).
This go around, my wife has not gotten such notice and we are about to pay for the 3rd month. Has anyone placing orders around May (when the ZTE Blade 10 was up for grabs) or more recently seen that issue?

I got the Blade 10 via swap in May, I believe it was, and I never received any approval notice other than the original “was not compatible” with Visible message. But I did track the swapped in phone until it was delivered. Stayed on Visible for just the one month and the swapped phone was never mentioned.

No they seem to have stopped that. If it shows as delivered you are good or you can chat with them and they can confirm if approved.

Thanks! This explains a lot. Maybe one day I will have my wife chat with them to find out more. So far, not worried.