Supposedly Coming in 2020:

Free ad-supported service + free phone coming in 2020 or 2021 depending on where you live. The ad is via a banner located at the top of the screen. Device is from a 2nd tier manufacturer with a 6.3" display, 4gb RAM, 128gb internal storage, 16mp rear camera, and a 4800mAh battery that has a claimed $350 value. They also claim that after 2 years, the company will send you a new phone!

As of now, the only thing an interested user can do is sign up for updates. They are planning to do some sort of crowd funding. This is probably where you will be able to a phone outright without the ads and still get free phone service.


Company website

Signup for updates

My initial reaction is whether the company is just trolling people to determine who is foolish to believe that such a business is legitimate.

Always a very probable reason:

Especially if someone is just aiming to build an email list of 'believers' !!

I could see this working
The phone is becoming the center of peoples lives
Soon people will be buying everything with their phone

JS reported: "Free ad-supported service + free phone coming in 2020 or 2021..."

Fortunately, I'm likely to be dead by then.:slight_smile:

Not so soon Isamorph !!

Couldn't a person put a piece of tape over the screen to block out the ads?

We are designing the phone to sense this. Further if you cover the screen you will not to benefit from the interactive features, some of which will be necessary. Moreover, who wants tape over their screen while taking video or photos?

Wow, did you foresee COVID?

Company said phone should be available for purchase during the 2nd quarter of 2021. I would assume that means early adopters who are willing to pay for the privilege of being beta testers. Official launch would be in 2022*.

*provided they haven't burnt through all their investor's money before that. :whistle:

Company presentation at Lions Lair from this past Monday. Lions Lair is a competition based in Hamilton, ON Canada. First prize are services courtesy of the event's sponsors that supposedly benefits these type of startups. Starts at 11:11.

Swiping finger ACTIVATE!!!

Wait, wasn't this supposed to be a free phone?

Company uses crowdfunding to raise money. I believe this is how you can buy the phone early to become a tester. If this company ever formally launches in 2022, I suspect there will be some sort of initial activation fee like Freemii.

Anyway in the Lions Lair competition, Airo.Life was eliminated in the first round by the eventual winner Digby Paints.