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Here you can post any offer you found worthwhile, and I will add it to the appropriate section in the reference :).

Besides tap survey. There is a new one for me. So far better. Theoremreach

Pandora radio 600 silver. Says you just need to download and run it. Accounts are free if you want to make sure and sign up.

I personally do not see the ad, but I will still ad this to the list. More than likely, I did something that had me become ineligible for that offer so that is probably why.

I did the wine app yesterday and pandora today. Ty. Cha

Did you register on Pandora?

Yes its takes 30 seconds.

TNT app download and install

250 silver

New for me

NFL Rush gameday

Download and run
Easy. 300 silver

Couldn't find it and spent way too much time looking for it.

It was the first result for me, hope it didnt go that fast

Maybe they don't offer it to women...


If you can try different family account phones?

I wish there was a way to search for Super Silver offers-- I've also spent way too much time scanning for something that others have mentioned. (Especially aggravating because the list doesn't 'hold' your place if you click on something to take a closer look, but returns to the top of the list.....)

The best offers are usually at the top so no need to go searching far down. Unfortunately what offers are shown varies from phone to phone.

I don’t have the nfl one either.

Really? When I select an offer to look at its details, it creates a "popup" window with the details, and list of offers behind it stays unchanged.

I'm glad to hear it works that way for some/most. Maybe it's my slightly outdated app version, or my older Android build that's responsible.

Audible (Audiobooks) app-- load app, open and poke around for a minute, for 170 silver. On one of my phones, I didn't even load the app-- just looked at the offer, and didn't go any further. I got the 170 silver anyway a few minutes later.

I haven't gotten that one to work on any of my phones.

Neither have I.

I found a 100 point and 70 point, a few days ago. I think one was for a QR code reader and I forget what the other one was for.

They were nice to have, though!