Super Silver Not Working?

Super Silver hasn't rewarded for me for quite some time. Is it broken?

I haven't used cell Nuovo in a long time but I just did a super silver offer today for 500 silver and it worked

Havent seen that Onavo one

I find a Google I'd reset helps

I just looked through the entire list and it wasn't there.

And now I'm cross-eyed.

As long as it's not because you've been hitting the Pringles can again... :slight_smile:

I can't speak for others but when I mention an offer it's usually at the top but no more than three swipes down but here is what I had

If that ever changes or if someone else says there's a good offer but needs a few swipes down please mention that

I also did not find it. Maybe they only have a set number of them like the surveys and then they are gone.

Popped up on a phone today. Nice easy $1 thanks.

Same here! Showed up on each phone tonight! Sweet!