Suggestions for making CellNuvo & Swipir better!

So far, I've played on both CellNuvo and Swipir apps and here are my suggestions:

  1. While I applaud CellNuvo's efforts to improve the games, I like the previous games better. In previous game version, I like it tell me how many silvers I'd earned from that ad, survey or how much I'd won from the Match Number games. It was fun and instantaneous. It's to CellNuvo's advantage to keep things as simple as possible so that it can attract wider audiences. Wider audiences means more ad revenues and everyone who plays win bigger pots. Win & win for all.

  2. I'd recommend CellNuvo reconsidering the Weekly and Monthly Split the Pots. It'd cut into the swipe points too much. Adding the weekly and monthly will not be helpful nor would motivate people to swipe more. Opposite effects due to the low points to subsidize those two games.

20 bonus swipes and Daily Split the Pot are enough to get me motivated to swipe every day and way beyond the 20 bonus swipes. Weekly & Monthly Splits are not instaneous enough to have any effect or motivate people to swipe more. By eliminating those two games, and give out more points for ads will far more motivating people to swipe more than those pots going to one or two winners.

I have NO complaints about the silvers we got in the previous games as I understand the cost of doing business. Understand too sometimes ads are drying up due to nature of the advertising industry just like we don't have Black Friday day sales every day, week or month...just during November.

  1. Since CN has do away with Super Silver for some reasons (may be not profitable or too much problems?), can use that swipe in that direction for people who don't want to participate in games...just purely swipe to earn points.

  2. Don't absorb the costs...pass onto customers...if it costs more to process cell phone bills, add surcharge to them. I'm sure people wanting these features would be willing to pay for them as they have indicated in this forum. If not, eCheck can be an option.

  3. For me, as I've indicated, I have no problems waiting for 4 months to redeem my points as I understand the business cash flow and how most businesses operate. If it helps CN to succeed and thrive in the future, I'm okay with the 4 months wait for redeeming.

  4. Need to make it easy for people to understand and use the CN & Swipir ads. A picture worth thousand words. Can make some Youtube tutorial videos either in-house or hiring some tech Youtubers like the host Anika on Home AutomationX. She's informative and can make complex concept simple! Here's link to her recent how-to intructions: Helios Touch Modular Sensitive Lighting - YouTube .

In short, previous games are great already....don't need to spend much needed resources in redoing them. I understand the process of redoing those games can be time-consuming and drain of much needed resources. People will always complain...that's in human nature.

As in retailing: 90% of your customers are good. You want to keep them. 10% you're better off not having them as customers. That's why businesses always think about expanding their customer bases.

Thanks SuccessOne. I did start another thread on this (see here - But we have the same ideas on quite a few points so I'll just add my thoughts here:

  1. Yes we all want to see what everything is worth. It is about transparency.

  2. Yes get rid of the weekly and monthly split games. I'd go a little further and remove the match game as well. It is frustrating seeing my earnings go to others all the time. I just don't think it is fair. And it isn't fun unless you are the one winning all the games and taking the earnings from others!

  3. I would like to see super silver back. If they can't then consider bringing other earning opportunities to us like coupon printing

  4. Related to this many of us want to see carrier payments back and if that means adding an extra fee to make it feasible then we'll pay that fee. We just need payments to be made fairly quick and 1000:$1 as before. Just look at the google play reviews - half of them are praising how great it is that we are able to pay our cell bills!

  5. I can wait for amazon/echecks. Under the old system we had to wait months building up $100 a month in installments anyway so I don't see what the big deal is to have to wait 4 months now to get it all cashed out at once. There were tons of restrictions before - only phones and only one per year. Just like you I like the new freedom to buy what we want where we want with amazon and now echecks. It is a big benefit that has been overlooked by users.

  6. I think cellnuvo need to work at doing their own promotion. Providing more information and more instructions. More guidance and tutorials. Some of us have already done a lot for cellnuvo but there is zero incentive to do more. I found out recently that cellnuvo are not willing to help out those who have gone the extra mile for them. My carrier made a mistake and cellnuvo refused to help fix it in a fair way so this is a sour point for me. Why would any of us want to help out? Cellnuvo are just hurting themselves.

  7. As an extra point they need to make the swap/payment system into a one step process. It should be we ask to swap 100,000 points for $100 in 4 months and specify echeck/amazon at this time. When the 4 months is up we get paid the amazon code/echeck. No extra step to request payment once the swap is done and no additional 5-10 days processing time.

Anyway thanks for staying positive. I am unusually down on cellnuvo right now but I hope they will get through all this, I hope they will listen to their users and I hope they make cellnuvo into something worth using again.

Yup I hope mr. tom is listening. Let's make cellnuvo great again!!!

They lost there way. They used to ask for advice. Now take it or leave it

I am fine with CN imposing a waiting period going forward,but there should be no waiting period to redeem the Gold that we accumulated prior to the update under the old terms.

With the pay off being so low over the last six months, I have not swiped as much. The majority of my Gold/Points were earned more than six months ago. They should not be embargoed as they have seasoned long before this cut-off.


I generally agree with this. It's important to remember that the concept of "waiting period" depends on your situation. As others have pointed out above, there most definitely was a waiting period under the old system for large redemptions, varying from 2 months to as long as a year or more. (Via the $100/monthly limit on deposits for a phone purchase or plan.)

Without considering 'seasoned' Gold, a 4 month wait for a mid-priced or higher phone is an advantage, & a shorter waiting period. So is the removal of the limitation of 1phone/1plan per year. (I'm not a big earner, but I appreciate the possibility of buying 2 yearly plans, or 2 lower-priced phones during a year.)

For those who were using Gold to pay monthly phone plans, there was previously no waiting period, beyond the $100/mo limit. It's that group, and the group that were already well into the 'deposit' stage working towards a purchase that are seeing increased waiting periods. (A permanent increase for the first group, and a temporary increase for the second group.)

Based on Tom's comments about the 'waiting period' CellNuvo might see for income from advertising, I think we have a better understanding of why the old deposit waiting periods existed. I suspect that the old system had significant design flaws that allowed users to work around the intended imposed waiting period for larger redemptions, and that this was becoming problematic for CellNuvo. (I'm not saying this was 'abuse' by members at all-- it was an unintended, and probably unanticipated side effect of the way the old system was set up.) I think the current duration system is CN's attempt to deal with those side effects-- and I imagine that there will be unintended, and probably unanticipated, side effects of the new system, too.

I should have added to my post above:

Looking at the shorter duration swap rates, from CN's perspective:

The lower exchange rate for immediate through 2-month swaps appears to be CN's attempt to accommodate those who were using CN to make their monthly cell payments. The reduced exchange rate could be looked at as CN's hedge against possible lower-than-expected payment from advertising suppliers, and/or basically a 'finance charge'. (We're giving you payment now, even though we won't receive payment til later.)

I don't particularly have an issue with this concept-- it's when it's applied to 'seasoned' Gold that hackles are raised.

Unfortunately cellnuvo doesn't look at individual accounts in isolation. It doesn't seem fair but for all the money earned in the last 4 months and already cashed out (amazon less than $400 and carrier payments) ad revenue hasn't come in yet and would have to be paid for from old ad revenue and cash reserves. There is a time lag.

So a simple example:
You made $600 worth in 2018. Old gold. Cellnuvo's bank =$600

Jon T Sr and Billy make $100 each in Dec/Jan/Feb = $600 gold. Jon spends $100 each month on his sprint bill. And Billy saved up $100 a month for an amazon phone and requests it in Feb and gets paid $300 in Feb. But no ad revenue comes in from Jon and Billy until April onwards.

Cellnuvo's bank = $0 in March.

You say they should pay you now. System fails.

But their bank in June= $600 when Jon and Billy's ad revenue comes in. 4 months later you can now get paid.

No it isn't fair but going forward the money Jon and Billy earn will be used to pay for their own spending under the new system.

However I personally think cellnuvo should have better managed their money. They should have cash buffers for this kind of thing not have us wait 4 months. No one gets revenue in before expenditure goes out! It is a fundamental part of cashflow management. There were also measures they could have taken to ease things before they got this bad eg decreased monthly limits to $50. Or said amazon redemptions had to be for $400+.
Unfortunately if cellnuvo have let it slip this far there is nothing they can do save for taking a loan which they might have tried to do or changing the system which they did.

I don't care much about the particulars of your, and others, vision for the future - I'm here for the money. If I can't earn it, I'm gone, ...but I liked this part of your statement. I see it the same way, exactly!

I agree with you on this. Cellnuvo has been around long enough that problems such as cash flow is their fault and theirs alone.

I don't hold grudges against them. Failure was always a part of doing business. I've seen different statistics, but here is one: "20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% of small business fail in their second year, and 50% of small businesses fail after five years in business. Finally, 70% of small business owners fail in their 10th year in business."

Well the changes are to ensure they can carry on. So hopefully they will achieve that aim.

I don't give a damned crap on this waiting period theory because if this is the case no business will succeed. Oh I can't have any expenditure now because I haven't seen money coming in yet. This is pathetic. This is almost like a restaurant insisting customers pay before eating. No, you don't treat your customers in such a rude manner. You manage to use your profit to fill the gap, or get a loan to fill the gap.

I have no problem in waiting for 4 months if we contemplated on such a thing when we swiped, however, I did not, and cellnuvo did not, either. What makes it even disgusting is that I have been swiping for two years for this Amazon card and now you are saying that it is not fair because you haven't received payment for the ads I watched over the last two years?

I hear ya. To make it worse, they give you back your already paid, Amazon installment payments and then turn around and tell you you can cash that in for what? For an Amazon gift card.:dry: at far less if you want it now. Right.

I can add something to your example.

I banked 600 golds in 2018, cellnuvo could have received 1200 dollars on my work.

Jon made 600 golds and cashed it before April.

Cellnuvo can use that 1200 dollars to pay me and Jon.

If there is only $600 available to cellnuvo, btw, yeah, I believe it, cellnuvo can sell its account receivables for cash to pay me and Jon.

[strike]I think at this point you are complaining for the sake of complaining as much of what you say does not add up.

Over the course of this 2 years of swiping you seem to have bought at least two phones with your gold (a zte pro given to a girlfriend and a $250 phone bought about 3/4 months ago). 2 weeks ago you said you had only banked $100 and hadn't decided on a phone. But then again you also said your order was placed before the change in rules and demanded you get your phone.

A year ago you had 321 gold. And you've bought 2 phones since then so that means most if not all of your gold is at least less than a year old.

Perhaps you are talking about your 3rd account that had 60 gold in it a year ago and you've made it to 100 gold recently but had that sent back to you before you decided to buy a phone. Having already had 2 phones paid for I think you are in a better position than many.[/strike]

Maybe he/she has multiple accounts.

I am whining on that $250 phone bought about 3/4 months ago!!! If you don't get it I understand.

I requested an Amazon gift card way before the new rule but my golds were returned. I have a family member having the same issue and I am speaking for him too. If cellnuvo makes payments as promised, I can't care less.