Successfully used rewards for add-ons

I ran out of my free 100MB data allotment so I sent FreeUp support a question asking about buying add-on data with my accrued rewards.

They responded that the feature was not available online yet, but that they could process it if I sent approval in a response. I said sure and they deducted $5 from my rewards for an additional 200MB. All within a few hours today.

I understand the cost/MB is not the best deal but it used rewards earned via coupons, so nothing out of pocket. Was worth the ask to know this is an option moving forward.

Thanks for taking the initiative to follow up on that, woo_24! It's encouraging that the response indicates it may become available online.
For me, that option is likely to work better than upgrading to the $10 plan. 500 talk or text would typically be enough for me, & the option of up to 400mb (in 2 x $5 add-ons) would probably work better for me. I agree that the theoretical cost of the add-on is largely irrelevant, as long as it's easy to earn rewards to cover it.

Has anyone used an add-on more than once in a billing cycle yet?

I was wondering if FU got the feature to purchase add-ons ONLINE using REWARDS working yet....the answer is Not yet, the system will charge your card if you have one on file. Calling or emailing support seems to still be the only way to utilize rewards for an add-on.

"Not yet" can be said about some other FU glitches that remain to be addressed. I hope they don't charge my CC for the "next" payments stated on my account page.:ohmy: I'm loving the coupon feature, though. I don't mind paying a little extra for a good plan, but the prices below are OTT.

Yikes! That's quite a price hike. Maybe they've switched over to CellNUVO's points system and misplaced their decimal points, or they're appropriating your tax refund for this year and next. Either way, you'd better get busy and print lots of coupons, quick! :slight_smile:

LOL @Diedrich_Duo! I am not sure I would trust my card to that kid of balance!

I'll bet you could save at least 15% by switching to Verizon...

Needed to add 200 mb of data for $5 reward dollars to my FU line today, called customer service and within 2 minutes the additional data was added. They have some outstanding associates working there!

Has anyone have any experience using their rewards toward a paid plan? Or do paid plans draw from a credit card only? Thanks

I have been using my rewards from coupon credits to pay the monthly cost of my paid plan, which has been enough to fully pay the monthly charge so that my CC has not come into play. But I haven't yet used credits to purchase additional data or add ons.

My $10 plan recharged from available reward credits with no issues.

Edit: ...but I have no experience with add-ons.