Success reports of gold redeemed for Sprint account credit

Please post your successful redemptions of Gold for $ into your Sprint account.

Please share:

  1. How many requests you've made
  2. How many requests have succeeded
  3. The amounts of each of your requests
  4. How many days it took to receive credit in your Sprint account after making the request to cellnuvo


There's already a thread for successful redemptions.

And a thread for attempts:

Do we really need a carrier-specific thread, which will diminish the usefulness of both of those existing threads?
Maybe one could do one's own research from the other threads?

I'm surprised there isn't more talk of Sprint round here.[ol][li]us ringplus kooks have Sprint phones[li]us CellNUVO kooks have Sprint phones[li]we're cheap[li]AFAIK Sprint is the only Big4 where the whole bill might be cheaper than the cheapest 2018 Red Pocket option[/ol](brainstorming best forward options)

uhthisb, please check your private messages!

Sorry JTSR71 cellnuvo aren't taking on new customers so you have to look elsewhere. Try swagbucks.

Just more trolling...

An unnatural fixation.
It's rather disturbing.