Strange Survey

Has anyone gotten the survey that asks you if you have ever been convicted or charged with a crime. Apparently, if you answer no, the survey then indicates that you do not qualify.

For the life of me, I cannot think of what type of service they would be attempting to market to as they are looking for someone who is charged or convicted of a crime?? I guess that is a good survey to not qualify for.:cheer:

Do I have to go rob a bank for this survey.... ? Hmmmm.... If it affords 800 golds it is enticing. An iPhone!?

After reading your post the survey popped up, for me.

I wanted the credits, so I said I was a criminal-- and crime really did pay!

112 Silver, baby!


Cellnuvo, the only place where you are rewarded for being a criminal.


Cellnuvo, even a criminal is rewarded,


Cellnuvo, everyone's opportunity.

Or cellnuvo partners looking for people to admit they are a criminal

Does traffic violation for a rolling California stop count? ;p

That would probably depend upon how fast you were rolling. The way people drive out here, that might be a worse "crime" than speeding if you were holding up traffic by slowing down! :slight_smile: