Strange email...Mint & C7Recycle?

I went for the free Mint SIM to see if it may be of any use here - WTH, right ??

Today I got an email informing me that it has shipped.
That email said it came from C7 Device Recycle, even though it had a shipstation email address.
That seems very odd to me.

I've wondered what became of C7 after seeing their site stay vacant for months, then showing maybe 3 devices total.

Does anyone here know anything about any of this stuff ??


I got an order confirmation, and a shipping notification. Neither mentions C7 Recycle, and the only sender address in the shipping notification is "Costa Mesa CA".

Got mint sim package today. Had someone else's order in it along with mine.

I chatted mint to let them know that they may want to resend that order to S. V. in Katy TX.

Unfortunately the chat rep said he was deactivating the other SIM :frowning:

Return address on FedEx pkg. is 1550 Scenic ave., suite 100, Costa Mesa CA.

No mention of C7 in emails, on package nor in package.

c7 recycle is in Texas. I got my shipping email today and any mention of c7 is nowhere to be found. Shipped from Costa Mesa, CA. Odd, indeed, E_Z.

Unless you gave them the sim number I doubt they have the ability to deactivate the sim.

For me, there was only a sender e-mail address (no 'Display Name'):

If the message source does not show a display name, one possibility is the sender e-mail address may exist in recipient's address book with 'C7 Device Recycle' as contact name.

Chat asked me for the order #'s (they were sequential order #'s), when I gave them to chat they knew which SIM was tied to each order # (SIM #'s were NOT sequential #'s). To be clear, I did not give chat the SIM #, chat told me the SIM #s & which one was "mine" to use.

They should have just let you have it. Not nice.

I don't disagree.

If I was chat and allowed the latitude I would have told me something to the effect of "help spread the word, pass it on to someone who may like to try our service."

Truth is I got one to see if native tmo has improved any in the last few years (pretty much a signal dessert). According to a neighbor it is still not an option but I'm not sure his pixel 2 has all the bands for tmo. So, between the 45 day activate or lose it timer & sparse to 0 signal coverage in many of the areas I'd use it (unless things have drastically improved) the extra SIM was of little value to me.

Edit to add-
What I'd really like to know is if mint reached out to S.V. and told him that there was an error with his order and they are sending it out ASAP. I'd like to think so otherwise all I did was waste my time reporting it to mint.

I got my free 3-mo SuperBowl Mint sim. The printed paper said something like "why am I getting 2 sim cards? One for you, and one to give away" -- but there was only 1 sim card in the sim card sleeve. My guess is the printout was a relic from Mint's 1-week trial sim program?

Do you happen to live in Katy, Texas? Sounds as if someone at Mint Mobile drank too much of Ryan Renold's "Aviation" gin during the Super Bowl.

I got the same thing but the one SIM.

Probably had plenty of demand so repurposed some of those trial sim packs. My pack wasn't like that but was only partially sealed unlike other mintmobile packs I've had in the past. Nothing wrong with it but it does seem like they must have run out of the usual retail packs.

Please correct me if I am mistaken here...?

Got the SIM today (fedex overnight sat. delivery - absurd !!) and without doing the activation online, checked the unlocked phone's IMEI - which was OK with Mint - plopped in the SIM & powered it up...and...
No signal, no network found.

My thinking is that even minus activation the phone should have found SOME signal if there was any to be had, but did not.

Looks to me right now like that SIM ain't gonna get any use here & that TMobile still has no signal in our area no matter what their silly coverage map shows.
(At least it didn't cost me anything but a few minutes to order it - so no biggie.)

Download the app and activate. I think the signal is blocked until then.

I got paid TMobile service here before & wasted ~$10 to test a service that only worked in ONE spot in ONE town & only sometimes - so:
I think that with the 3 months free deal that it is better given to someone who has more signal where they are & without having activated it so that they can get the full 3 months out of it.

Hi EZ, I can confirm that at least in my experience my phone showed "Mint" before activation and when I tried to make an outbound call I got an automated response. After activation voice and text worked but data required a reboot and mms still doesn't work but I use GV over data so I haven't bothered to do any detective work on the mms problem. I think it is very kind to pass it along to someone who can use it especially if you don't have native T-Mobile coverage.

I think Et_Z has the Superbowl 3-month plan. Only the one-week trial plan uses the app to activate.

Oh yes true but you still need to activate via a webpage. At least I've seen some mint mobile sims that don't have any bars until activated.

Now adding to what I posted before at #43463 here:
Just for yuks I left the phone powered up after posting that - and it actually showed between 3 bars & a full signal after about 15 minutes, somehow.

So, since it looked like I could proceed - I stuffed the SIM back into that unlocked phone, verified that its IMEI was good with them again, then played around with their website to get it activated & a number, and tested it that way...

Full signal after a bit - still very much to my amazement...but, when trying to make a test call to 611 or anything else, it just pops this up:
'Emergency calls only'

Played around with it, checked their site's info - turned it off - on - off - SIM out - back in - on again - same results.

So I waited 'till today & called Mint.
Got a rep with a thick accent (of course) who said she couldn't do what was needed & transferred me to another rep, same deal, who transferred me a 3rd time.

This one is baffled - says the phone is accepted, account is active - and we play the same games, verifying everything all over again - and he is baffled - has to transfer me yet again.

My call hit the 30 minute time - the hold music quit - they have my callback number - and have neither answered nor called me back - so I'm right where I started, pretty much, with a useless SIM & account.

Looks like my 1st impression was correct, except that I now conclude that their so-called 'support' is just as useless as their SIM & service in our area !!
(And not really worth wasting any more time upon, so I'll hope that someone else - very quickly want that SIM & the assigned number so that I can give it away as I initially thought I must do for it to be any use to anyone.)