Straight Talk home phone vacation question

Members here have a huge amount of knowledge about phone service.
Is there any way to put straight talk home phone service on vacation and retain the number while we are gone?

I take it you're saying you want to stop making the monthly service payment(s) while you are away, yet still get the same # when you return and restart the service. I used to have that service for a while, and unless something has changed, I don't think you can get your same number back, unless you port it out somewhere, and then port it back in upon return. But maybe if you called them, they could tell you for sure, or maybe a forum member knows a way. The device is portable, and as long as you can connect it to a power source via adapter or whatever, it is my understanding that it should work as long as you getting cell phone reception wherever you are.

Edit: for $20 you could port the # to GV and then use whatever new # you get from ST when you resume service as a forwarding number from your GV #.