Sprint Unlimited Kickstart: New Activations $35/mo


Good thing I got on this @ 15.00 per month. 18.21 with T&F

Visible Mobile is a better deal at $40/mo, including taxes, for unlimited talk, text and data. Hotspot included.

Visible has no CDMA fallback and several issues documented on Reddit and elsewhere, though it seems the service is improving. https://www.reddit.com/r/Visible/comments/djqxi0/visible_vs_sprint_kickstart_a_lesson_on_throttling/

For Verizon coverage on 2-4 lines, I suggest Total Wireless:

$60/mo - 2 lines, 30GB high-speed
$85/mo - 3 lines, 60GB high-speed
$100/mo - 4 lines, 100GB high-speed

  • auto-refill discount
  • taxes/fees

Not unlimited high-speed, but probably sufficient for most users. Data speeds throttled to 2g after exceeding high-speed allotment.

I agree. Visible unlimited LTE hotspot data is unbeatable so far. Verizon coverage is much better than Sprint.

Sprint raised Kickstart plan price within hours of FCC approval of T-Mobile/Sprint merger, contradicting what two bosses promised. They will have a lot of explanations to do. The approval is not final yet with so many states filing lawsuits against it.

The timing may be coincidence. I can't recall exactly where I read it, but I knew in advance about October 17 deadline for Kickstart. I did NOT know Kickstart would be extended beyond October 17 at $35/mo, though I had seen posts on Reddit last month indicating in-store activations on Kickstart @ $35/mo even for BYOD (online and phone activations still $25/mo at that point). See reddit post from September 12: https://www.reddit.com/r/Sprint/comments/d39wwr/sprint_kickstart_plan_is_35_now/

Like RingPlus, CDMA will soon be a faint memory.

Verizon's CDMA network will remain as-is until December 31, 2020 and the process of shutting down will be gradual: CDMA Network Retirement | Verizon

Now is being offered for $25 a month. I haven't paid attention to this plan in the past, but just noticed there hotspot is not allowed, which I don't like. Anyway--50% off select phones with this deal.


Very nice deal, so get the iPhone SE (2) for $299, get $50 BB card, have unlimited on Sprint for $25/mo... :slight_smile:

Moto g stylus is $150 with sprint activation ($150 off) at BB too if you prefer android.

$25 kickstart has been around for several weeks at BB. I don't know why it is $25 at BB but $35 with sprint. There was a $300 mastercard to port in byod at sprint (plus $80 cashback) that ended a week or two ago which was probably a better deal even with the higher monthly cost. It would take 3 years to catch up at $25 a month. But yes this is better now.