Sprint ranked below MNVO Metro PCS

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And a serious indictment of SpeedTalk...

*** Actually, I think there was a problem when clicking on the link where "Speedtalk"is initially shown in 9th place where it should have said "Straighttalk" instead, which is shown as 9th all times after that. In short some bug showed "Speedtalk" instead of "Straightalk".

A bit pointless when the network performance was judged in only 6 cities. For one that is a limited number of cities and those chosen obviously gave a bias towards t-mobile and secondly it ignores network coverage across the country which is a big factor in network choice.

I will second that. T-Mobile is the worst among big 4 in terms of coverage, so that also brings down MetroPCS since MetroPCS uses T-Mobile network.

TMobile has worse coverage than Sprint?

Problem with any study is that no one travels throughout the entire usa equally. Or in this case my city is not one of those tested. What matters to the user is what works best where they live and travel.

Sprint could be excellent for what you need.

So true. Most of the small studies are small because it costs a lot of money to do a thorough, proper study. Who does the rigorous and expensive studies, and who funds them, I wonder?

We have phones and hotspots on all four networks and we drive cross-country about four times per year. We're also frequent campers and stay in a lot of remote places.

It is not uncommon for us to set up camp and find that we only have signal from one network-- and we've found that to be the case with each of the four. There are places in Nebraska where we only get Sprint. There are places in Wyoming where we only get T-Mobile. There are places between Las Vegas and Phoenix where Sprint and Verizon rule. When we camp in Canada we have unlimited T-Mobile coverage everywhere we go. In and around Salt Lake City we get speeds of 22 Mbps and higher on Sprint.

Bottom line-- rankings don't matter to me. It takes all four networks to keep us connected to our business, back home, and we wouldn't want to give up any of them.

@Chelle Which MVNOs do you use for each of the four major networks?

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