Sprint One-Year Free plan extended for 2 months

Saw this post on Reddit this morning:

It appears that Sprint is extending the duration of the Bring Your Phone free year promo by 2 months from your previous expiration date. The reddit poster shows an expiration of 6/30/2020, but my line shows 5/31/2020. (5/31 is indeed 2 months past my original plan expiration.) I've confirmed that it shows in the MySprint app on my phone, saved a screenshot, and would recommend that anyone in a similar situation confirms the extension.

Because of the way the billing periods work, you would bump up to the higher standard rate at the first billing period starting after the expiration date of the free 'year'. For my plan, that date was April 4. Mixed timing for me-- I literally just completed a port to Tello for the one Sprint number I absolutely can't lose, and was just preparing to start porting out my number from Sprint as well.

I'm happy, though. Tello's a good fit for the number I already moved, and we'll share my phone if we need to exceed the allotments I picked with Tello. (Tello's short-term doubling gave me quite a bit of wiggle room for the line I ported, though, and it should be more than sufficient.)

Mine extended to 6/30. Returned my Mint Mobile SIMs (Bought Mar 6 but due to price adjustment Mar 24, my return date was extended to Apr 8). Thanks!

About a month and a half left, what's next? :slight_smile:

Barring a really good multi-month deal appearing, I'm planning on reverting to Tello/FreeUP/Tracfone.
In the current situation, we can live with very little data.
(I only have 3 weeks of Sprint, so I'm not anticipating the current situation changing much by then.)

What Tello/FreeUP/Tracfone plans do you plan on subscribing to?

We have several options in our household, and exactly who ends up where is still being figured out.....

My wife is already moved to Tello 300minutes/500mb, currently doubling to 600 minutes/1GB. I'm trying to remember to renew manually a day or 2 early, to allow unused allotments to roll over for a safety factor, but the chances of her needing to dip into the 'safety factor' are small. She may not stay on Tello long-term, though, depending on which handset she decides on. (One of her top picks is not Sprint-capable.)

We also have a Tello line that usually lives on a 500mb data-only line, with a PayGO balance for minutes. It's a pretty good choice for me since I don't use many minutes in a normal month, but might need considerably more minutes in an occasional month.

We have 2 FreeUP lines that are now 250 minutes/250 text, no data. I have the SIMs in dual-SIM phones with FreedomPop SIMs for data. (The basic free 200mb will suffice for now, but I have a preloaded 1GB/mo SIM at hand for when restrictions open up and we might need more data.) I can almost make 250 minutes work in a normal month for a main line.

Tracfone lines on the Verizon network have been our 'security blanket' backups for years, in case we're in difficult coverage areas. Tracfone can be competitive cost-wise even as a primary line for those with low usage, with the rollover feature and new refill options to add additional minutes, texts, or data as individual items, at reasonable cost. If FreeUP should go away, I'd switch my Tracfone line to AT&T network, and use it for voice/text in the dual-SIM setup above.

I haven't had a need to previously, but I'm going to try Google Voice over WiFi to see if I can reasonably use that, at least for outgoing calls placed from home or work, to reasonably extend the modest minutes included with any of the plans above.

If we needed more minutes/data, I'd seriously consider the T-Mobile or AT&T unlimited/2GB plans, or Mint, etc. Seems like there is a good range of options at $15-20/month.

Oh, yeah-- I also have a likely temporary Visible line at the moment. I have it because I needed a portable data source for an out-of-town location I needed to spend considerable time at. (That hasn't panned out exactly as planned, with our shut-in status.) It hasn't been used at all in the last month, and isn't likely to be until I can travel again......

Sprint is advertising their 4 lines for $100, with port in, on radio. Not sure if that is the same Unlimited Basic, which has promo price ending 4/30/21.