"Sprint Drive"

New, I guess. But only certain devices can connect to it, and I'm unsure about what is meant by a browser version of the product is, but hopefully it means that you can connect pcs and use them normally without the ability to call or connect with automotive people.call It looks as if current Sprint customers may be able to get the device for free.

"4. What are the requirements for the mobile application? Sprint Drive app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store® or Google Play™ on your smartphone. Supported devicesiPhone with iOS 10.0 or later-iPhone 6 or more recent hardware; Smartphones with Android version 6.0 or later. The application is “not” compatible with tablets, laptops or PC’s. However, a browser based version of the product can be used on these devices. The browser version has all the functionality except the ability to call care, roadside assistance or the mechanic hotline. For more details, please see FAQ section “Can I access Sprint Drive from a browser?"

"2. What is the price for the Sprint Drive solution?The device/unit that provides connectivity to the vehicle can be purchased for a $120.00as a one-time charge; or can be charged in installments of$5.00per month for 24 months. There may be promotional offers.The monthly service charge is dependent on level of the serviceplan:o$15.00/mo.for 2GB Hotspot ($10.00 if customer has auto-pay discount)o$30.00/mo.for unlimited Hotspot ($25.00 if customer has auto-pay discount)"

One drawback to the offer is that one must no doubt have to deal with Sprint CS somewhere along the line. Uugg.