Sprint 1 year free - last chance?

I had activated a line online last week and am now adding the rest of my family lines via 877#. Seems the 'current' deal is a bundle that includes Sprint Complete. Rep claims I cannot add lines unless I take the bundle and that I can cancel the Sprint Complete after a month. Stated the fee was $25/line but 'discounted' it to $15/line so total of $30. Also, the $30 activation fee is waived.

Unsure whether online vs 877# are different or what.

Also, read on SlickDeal that online signup may incur a $30 activation charge.

Oh well, still a deal.

Update: The Sprint Complete comes with unlimited iCloud storage for photo storage.

Just add all your lines to your account with Sprint Complete and then remove Sprint Complete from your online account next day.

So no charge for canceling next day? Or is it billed partial month.

It's prorated, so one day of Sprint Complete ~$0.50.

Revenue enhancement scheme? haha

Sprint was nice to warn me that if I remove Sprint Complete and something happens to my iPhone 5S, I might have to pay up to $1099 to replace my iPhone 5S.

... I am get an 'internal error' while trying to remove the service. :frowning:

Wait at least 24 hours after activating the new lines before removing Sprint Complete.

Nope, still internal error on lines 2 & 3 that I just added. Maybe trying to force people to keep that useless feature? So, basically 'free' is now $18/mo.

Try calling this Sprint customer care number to remove Sprint Complete: (888) 206-3585 (connects directly to human)

ETA: On slickdeals thread, other users who reported the same error message were able to remove Sprint Complete once logged into MySprint via online chat. Example: Sprint BYOD: 1-Year Unlimited Talk, Text & Data - Page 2243

Yeah, had to wait on hold for 30 min, then get transferred to a lady who is hard of hearing (keeps droning on about some Sprint Complete service)... anyway, hopefully she's removed the 'features'

Looks like a way to try to trick people into forgetting to cancel it... reminds me of those CD clubs of decades ago. Scam!

If I have to call back again tomorrow (because she did not remove it), I'll be writing to the FCC.

Well, Sprint finally removed Sprint Complete from my 2 new lines. Dragged it out 2 days, so I guess they monetized $2. Sigh...

Apr 4 is coming up fast, anyone want to guess if it will again be extended?

Sprint 1 year free is finally over. Amen.

For everyone?

For any new signups. If you've already enrolled, you'll keep it for term period you had at signup.

People are also reporting that they were also able to successfully add lines to an existing 1 year free plan.

Mvnos like tello will breathe a sigh of relief.

I wonder if this is a sign that the outcome of the merger is clear to sprint. Whatever that maybe.

That is my expectation, since that capability was included in the terms and description of the plan.

Oh well

Yes, I hope that Tello can continue indefinitely, whether the merger goes through or not. Their service (not to mention their customer service) is outstanding!

Just curious, @mmfacemm: If you had to make a prediction, what do you think will happen with the T-Mo/Sprint deal?

Unfortunately I haven't kept up with the news so no idea.